Milk and Crayons

   Stupid dogs. Stupid, stupid dogs. After being gone for only 20 minutes to pick up Cheyenne, those horrible mongrels managed to inflict major damage on 2 remote controls, a plastic barn gate, a child-size broom, a sofa pillow, and a valentine teddy bear that Cheyenne intended to deliver to her best friend tonight. I would like you all to know that every last one of these things were placed well out of reach of the dogs, or so I thought, before I left the house. I’m positive the two younger ones acted alone as Shadow just lay on the couch, watching them calmly, perhaps even saying to them, “You guys are so screwed when the mean one gets home and sees what you’ve done.”
   I can’t even walk out in the yard for 5 minutes without something being destroyed by the time I get back inside. I think what happens is that Darcy gets the stuff down, and encourages Smokey to chew on it. They truly are partners in crime. I’m so sick of them. I used to hate the thought of crating them up, but it’s looking better and better these days. And yet, they don’t chew nearly as much as they used to. I guess my patience has just worn out.
   That, or I’m just tired from the dogs keeping me up all night. Oh, it’s not the baby. Although, Mia has her own way of trying me lately. I chased her all over Barnes & Noble, Michael’s, and Target this morning, and she still seemed to have boundless energy when we got home. She gets the biggest kick out of playing “chase” or “hide-and-seek” with mommy in public places, and refuses to be carried, or to sit in a buggy. Needless to say, I did not get much accomplished on our outing.
   She also seems to have picked up on the dogs’ chewing habits. Today I gave her some chocolate milk while she colored in her high chair. I did the dishes not while she drew, but while she quietly dipped the fat crayons in her milk, sucked them, and bit the ends off. She does the wierdest and the grossest things sometimes. I guess it’s just her way of figuring things out, exploring.
    Every other word out of her mouth is “NO!” Sometimes it’s a short no, sometimes a long, high-pitched no…it varies depending on the mood, I guess. It’s especially funny when she says it to the dogs. Not so much when she says it to me, although she is so cute…I want to laugh, but I know that would only encourage her.
   This weekend I will try to put some more pictures from Christmas and other days we spent hanging out at the house. I promise.

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