Happy Mardi Gras

   Happy Mardi Gras Everybody!
   I am restarting my diet and exercise program after taking one cold and crazy week off. I didn’t pig out on junk food during that time, but I sure as hell didn’t exercise like I should have.
   Sunday, of course, I took that walk through the woods. Yesterday I did some workout videos because of the wind…and the dogs. Caleb found an old tape he had, “The Firm”, when he was cleaning out the closet the other day, so I busted that out along with an old Tae-bo tape of mind. Man, am I sore. My entire mid-section is killin’ me, and it only took a 5-minute ab session with the “Firm” people to do it. That should give you some idea as to how out of shape I truly am. Yowza. The Tae-bo was much easier…but then I wasn’t doing it right. Wasn’t giving it my all. And I never once flashed a corny smile just like the people in the video were. I’m positive that is the source of my failure. I have the wrong attitude.
   I hate videos. I have trouble keeping up, and I can never copy most of the moves, no matter how many times I rewind the tape. I feel like a complete idiot. And the “leader” always, ALWAYS gets on my damn nerves. Do they have to wear the clown make-up and obnoxiously bright-colored spandex leotards yanked half-way up their butts? Geez. The background music is always horrible, too.
   So today, I’m going to bundle up my kid and stick her in her monster stroller, and tackle the great outdoors. I can’t stand another beautiful day stuck indoors watching beautiful people do not-so-beautiful things with their bodies urging me to do it, too.

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2 responses to “Happy Mardi Gras

  • Unknown

    I used to love Tae-Bo; in fact I have the 2005 DVDs.  It’s too
    hard to do with a yungin’ at your heels, for me at least.  Gosh, I
    actually owned the video The Firm, too – didn’t it come with some sort
    of box prop??  Who knows – I wish I could get into a great
    exercise groove again, too.  :(

  • Nikki

    I love Taebo! It’s low impact so it doesn’t hurt my bad knee.  Mom has been doing Taebo for years and well, she weighs like 100lbs.  Makes me mad. haha. Ya know who really annoys me? Denise Austin.  Her voice is so sex phone operator-ish. ugh. 

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