Baffled by a 1-Year-Old…

  1. Why is it that Mia loves to read books or watch shows about animals/people "being bad"? She just delights in hearing about how George was a bad little monkey, or how Olivia got a time out after painting all over her wall, or how Annie snuck a dirty dog into the orphanage and got in trouble.
  2. Is Annie/Brother Bear/Finding Nemo really better when you watch it a hundred times in a row?
  3. Again, does it help to run on tippy-toe?
  4. Why does she scream at inanimate objects, and why does she get so much satisfaction from it?
  5. Why is it that whenever I’m on the phone or computer or cooking dinner she wants to be held?
  6. What is so bad about holding my hand? Have we reached the "mom-you’re-embarrassing-me" stage already?
  7. How come she can’t stand for a container to be filled? i.e. toy bins, lego buckets, cups of juice…and for that matter, cabinets full of tupperware, bookshelves full of books–it must all be emptied! And then it must be left on the floor! You cannot pick it up and put it away!
  8. Why does she only poop 3 seconds AFTER I’ve changed her diaper?
  9. What is so fascinating about the trash can, and what makes it so much fun to push it around the house?
  10. Does a puddle of water (in the kitchen from me spilling, near the dogs’ water bowl from sloshing over, from rain on the driveway, or left over in the shower) really taste good? Or is Mia extremely thirsty? Because everytime I turn around, she is laying on the ground slurping nasty water up from any one of these places.

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One response to “Baffled by a 1-Year-Old…

  • Unknown

    OMG, I’m dying laughing at the last one: Mia licking water off of random surfaces.  Get that child a sippy cup, he he he… :) 

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