Avoiding Sleep

   I’ve really got to start concentrating on writing these books I’m supposed to be writing. Maybe that means taking a break from blogging…it seems to suck up all my creativity and brain power, so that when I’m done writing on the computer, I’m done for the day.
   Yesterday I got a lot done. Bills paid, laundry done, kitchen clean, TV fixed (go me!) and floor mopped. I took Cheyenne to this eye clinic here in town to get her glasses fixed, and also to see if we liked them enough to switch from our eye doctor in the city, who I hate. Well, the staff was great and very helpful and friendly and polite, and the doctor was hot…so I guess that place is a go! Sweet!
   Mia spent the evening yelling at Cheyenne to "Sit!" after which she would say "BAD!" I suppose I use those words more during the day than I thought.
   Cheyenne has been assigned to do the next girl scout meeting–she has to come up with an activity or craft, and bring the snacks. So the past couple days she has been jotting down ideas, looking through her girl scout book…she’s really into this. Problem is, the activity she wants to do calls for some serious supplies–possibly calling for me to spend more money than I’d like to spend on something like this. I already dropped $30 for softball shirts for me and Caleb–why can’t we just wear team colors at the games? Why are kids activities so stinkin costly? My mom must’ve spent $1000 a month with all 3 of us growing up! Geez Louise!
   Lately I have this thing about going to sleep. I don’t want to do it. Not without Caleb. I just lay in bed, listening…I hate it. I’ll draw, I’ll watch TV, I’ll surf the net, I’ll read books that I haven’t read in ages…Last night I watched The Shield until 10:30, and then immediately popped Scarface into the VCR since I knew it was a long movie, and watched it in its entirerity…when I started to drift off on the couch, I drew to keep me awake. I finally went to bed at 3:00 or so, but only because I knew I was too sleepy to be scared. What is wrong with me? I’m such a scaredy-pansy-baby. I guess having an active imagination is a bad thing when you’re home alone at night. Ug. Looks like I’ll have to get back on coffee full time again.

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4 responses to “Avoiding Sleep

  • Unknown

    no no… you can’t slack on the blogging!!  no!! don’t do it…!!
    well I’m headed to P-town in the morning; wish me luck – I bravely
    volunteered to tote my nephew along.  So I’ll be driving in the
    car six hours with a two year old and a three year old. 
    Fortunately, he’s an angel! 

  • David

    I know what you mean,lol I sometimes have trouble falling asleep when Michelle isnt in the bed with me. I think it is just my protective nature, I always worry about her, and what she is doing. JUst over protective I guess.

  • Kim

    I know how you feel.  What’s with traveling spouses anyway?  We should form a club.  I find that I stay up later than usual when mine is away and then when he’s home I fall asleep early.  Then he usually complains because I’m up so late when he’s not here.  He doesn’t get it.  LOL  Every noise I hear makes me jump and I just hate when the dog barks for no apparent reason.  I even have a lock down procedure before I go to bed. 
    Kids are sooo expensive!!  That’s why there aren’t more big families any more, that’s my take at least.  I don’t understand how a family of 6 or more can get anywhere.  The problem is, they’re so damn cute!
    Have a wonderful night!

  • InkaDinka

    Me too….Mike travels so damn much! I’m always in bed listening to noises and freaking myself out…I’ve started turning on the dishwasher at night right before I go to bed…that covers up any "house noises" and usually puts me to sleep….or I’ll leave the TV on….

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