Thoughts in No Particular Order

   I feel like I have a million things to get done today when in actuality I have to do nothing at all. It’s a weird feeling. Here’s another fabulous list of the things I am thinking about:
  • I finally got 6 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night–heaven–so I am feeling somewhat refreshed this morning. If I weren’t fighting off a monster migraine headache I’d be in even better shape!
  • I’m really looking foward to this evening. Cheyenne and Caleb will be off to the Father/Daughter Sock Hop tonight at 7:00, leaving me and the baby here at the house. I think they’ll have a great time. Cheyenne is pretty excited. And maybe Mia and I will have our own little party while they’re gone.
  • I am still shocked that it snowed the other night, and that the snow stuck and was still on the ground when we woke up yesterday morning. I am even more shocked that today, one day later, the sun is shining bright and the forecast is calling for a high of 70 degrees–a warm temperature even by my Florida standards!
  • I am racked with guilt from yesterday–I chased away about 80 wild geese that were eating what little grass we have by throwing a ball right in the middle of the flock–Darcy tore through the middle of them trying to catch the ball and sent them flying crazily in every direction. Unfortunately, our neighbors were just about to feed the geese (in their yard) and were pretty upset that my dog had scared them all off in less than 5 seconds.
  • I feel so bad about this, that I sobbed and cried for half an hour last night, thinking about the old man that came over and told me how much joy his wife gets from feeding the geese… I’m going to sob and cry right now if I don’t stop.
  • I am also upset that my no-blogging experiment actually worked yesterday–I wrote 2 whole stories and am now wondering if blogging is something I should do only once a week or so in order to get the other thing done…and I really hate that idea.
  • I will be giving Shadow a bath this weekend–a nice, good, long bath, and I will take 2 hours to blow dry her fur…she is in desperate need of pampering, and I don’t want to take her to a groomer that will get aggrivated with her for having long hair and 0 ability to stand for more than 3 seconds.
  • I am so proud that Mia’s vocabulary is growing by the day–she’s copying everything that comes out of our mouths, and remembering what they mean, saying it on her own out of the blue, and putting words together to make short sentences. It’s so cool.
  • I’m so proud of Cheyenne for winning 3rd place in a county wide poster contest–her work will go on to the state competition in Oklahoma City…she draws way better than I did at that age…she’s mastered so many techniques that took me until high school to understand. That’s my little artist!
  • I’m so, so, so glad that Caleb will be here this weekend, for the whole weekend! Now if I can just keep him out of his office…

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