The Shaggy Dog

   No, not the movie…the dog. My dog. Shadow is so FREAKING HAIRY. Today Caleb and I spent a combined 3 hours brushing her, cutting her hair, bathing her, drying her, and brushing her again. But the results were worth it–if there was a dog version of "Make-over Story", I’d send in a video of everything that went down today. Shadow looks and feels like a million bucks.
   I’ve still got to go and clean the hell out of the bathroom, where all the action took place. There’s enough long golden hair in there to make another dog, or at least a beautiful wig. To be honest, that’s the way the whole house is…even though I vacuum, dust and sweep every other day (that’s not an exaggeration)…I just can’t seem to get it all.
   Yesterday we got a lot done; I made a fantabulous breakfast for Caleb and the girls. We did a lot of yard work–we’re finally starting to see a significant amount of green grass out there. A pretty uneventful day…which was wonderful, since my feeble mind can’t handle anything but.
   Cheyenne had softball practice. She’s got to get more aggressive. It was KILLING me to watch her out there…me, a total softball freak at that age, watching my own daughter, dazed and confused in the outfield, scared of the ball when she was up to bat…UG! I know I shouldn’t get aggrivated, and as far as she knows, I’m not…it’s so hard, but when practice is over, I smile sweetly and say "GREAT JOB! GOOD TRY!" when what I really want to do is give her about 5000 pointers and ask her what the hell was she thinking at oh, ANY GIVEN POINT DURING PRACTICE? AAAARRRRGGGG!

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One response to “The Shaggy Dog

  • Kim

    I feel your pain.  It seems that all my dog does is shed and she’s black.  I thought they were supposed to go through a shedding season.  Is that not the case?  This is why I like reptiles …they’re in one place and when they shed they eat it.  Gross, perhaps but less clean up for me :)
    I got a chuckle out of your softball saga.  They either have it, want it or could care less.  I never played sports but wanted my daughter to play something so I signed her up of soccer.  She was good but didn’t like it.  Now I have her playing the cello and she’s stuck with it through high school.  If I’m buying it she’s going to play it.  LOL  Is this Cheyenne’s first year playing?  Mabye she just needs to get a feel for it. 

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