Nothing Feels Cleaner Than Mud

   I haven’t blogged in a few days because I’ve been really busy goofing off. That, and I’ve been mad at the computer for not giving me any e-mail. I swear, nobody loves me.
   Saturday…I can’t remember what the hell I did. Probably nothing…yeah. Now I remember. Nothing. At all.
   Sunday I spent literally hours playing in the mud–ooey, gooey, sloppy red mud. If I remember, I was supposed to be helping Caleb plant flowers, or at the very least watching Mia so Caleb could plant flowers, but I managed to keep my mind focused on one thing and one thing only–getting as dirty as I could. I’d like to tell you that I was playing with Mia and introducing the joys of mud to her, but that’s not at all true…I pretty much ignored my children and everything else around me while I made myself a nice pair of mud gloves, all the way up to my elbows…among other muddy things. I let my inner child hang WAAAAY out…it was awesome. Though, it wasn’t any different than any other day. Here’s some example of the type of conversation that went on between me and my husband:
   HIM: "Toni–Are you watching Mia?"
    ME:  "Huh?"
   HIM: "Toni–Do you see what she’s doing?"
    ME:  " Yeah…I got it…"
   HIM: "Toni–Don’t let her eat that!"
    ME:  silence
   HIM: "I’ve got my hands full, Toni. Could you grab Mia?"
    ME:  "I’m on it…"
   My idea of keeping that child entertained was handing her large rocks and showing her how to plop them in the water so that they make a huge, muddy splash onto Caleb and Cheyenne as they are working away…Like I said, Sunday was awesome.
   Sunday night we realized that the time had changed so getting up this morning was totally hellacious. I mean really, it’s only 1 friggin’ hour…why does it feel like an entire 12?

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