Slacker Me

   Again with the not blogging! I can’t help it! I want to be outside! We have had some really warm, even humid, weather the last couple days and it has been absolutely FABULOUS. It’s helped me to get out of that funk I was in this past month, that’s for sure.
   I’ve also been kind of busy doing other things. Caleb would disagree with that comment, but he doesn’t understand how long it takes to paint an apple, or to fold 1 load of clothes and play with Mia and watch Teletubbies…it’s not an easy life I lead!
   The girls have been doing good. Cheyenne’s got her first 2 softball games tonight. I think she’s a bit nervous but mostly excited. The coach dropped off all her new "gear" the other day and that got her pretty pumped. I still can’t believe all the stuff the team supposedly "needs"…it’s not like it helps them play any better. Matching softball bags and windsuits with their names on the back? And what’s with the shorts? They can’t slide in those things!
   Mia has been picking up on EVERYTHING. Months and months of "Look at the YELLOW ducky," and "Can you hand me the RED block?"…nothing. Then yesterday while she was watching some show about trains, she starts calling out "Green!" then "Blue!" and so on, naming off the colors of the different trains that flashed on the screen…I was just so happy and a little amazed. Here I thought she wasn’t listening. It’s funny how you try and try to teach kids something without getting the slightest hint they understand it, and then one day–BAM!–they get it, and from then on they’re unstoppable.
   My sister picked out her wedding dress last week, and I saw it online the other day–wow. I just can’t wait to see her in it. And I can’t wait to wear that oh-so-wonderful bridesmaid’s dress she chose…I’m not kidding! It’s awesome–so not one of those ugly things that bridesmaids conventionally wear. I’m gonnal feel like a frickin’ Disney Princess on her wedding day.

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4 responses to “Slacker Me

  • Unknown

    why are you painting apples???????  oh wait, er, duh… Not
    paingint ON THE APPLE FRUIT… painting a picture OF AN APPLE??

  • Unknown

    i felt like a disney princess on my sister’s wedding day, too :)  isn’t dressing up cool?? 

  • Kim

    Hey Toni …I don’t blame you one bit for slacking.  If the weather was nice here (NY) I would be slacking too.  Actually, I am slacking in the laundry dept right now but I’ll catch up over the weekend.
    I hope you guys have fun at the softball games!  I remember taking my daughter to her soccer games, they were a lot of fun, only now she doesn’t like soccer. 
    That was a great blog about mud.  I’ve never been one to play in the dirt and I’m constantly wiping my son down every time his hands and face are messy.  I think my kids would like to hang with you!
    I just posted my first assignment for school.  I’m a little nervous because I’m not sure if I got a firm grasp.  Time will tell.  So far it isn’t bad, I have 4 one hour classes a week.  They aren’t manditory and are archived if you miss any. 

  • Nikki

    Toni, The weather has been beautiful here too.  Between my allergies & my ankle, I just dont want to do much though.  At least that’s my excuse for right now.
    When is Jenny getting married? I wanna see pictures of her dress & the bridesmaids dresses?  Is she getting married in Georgia or Florida?

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