All About the Game…

   Last night, Caleb and I got to see the toughest and scariest people in the world go head to head in the most competitive sport known to man. I never realized how serious the 9-year-old girls of Central Oklahoma are about softball. We were blown away by the size, the strength, and the skill of these kids.
   Our team played hard, but wound up losing both games to teams that I’m quite sure had girls that were on steroids–either that or they were WAAAAY older than 10…it was insane.
   They march out on the field, all wearing the same fancy designer uniform, looking like they just got out of prison. They were all so sharp–not a one of them dropped the ball–ever–and they threw farther than I could ever imagine a child of that age throwing. Batting, pitching…it was quite phenomenal…Maybe they weren’t in fact children, but robots instead.
   They had names like "The Heartbreakers" and "The Diamond Dolls" but I think names like "The Felons" or "High School Dropouts" or "Killers" or "Behemoths" would have been more appropriate…
   I don’t care how many games our team, The Shooting Stars (how cute!), loses; as long as they’re having a good time and playing like kids this age should play, I feel better. Cheyenne did get a few turns at right field. I was afraid she’d have a "noodle arm", but was impressed and pleasantly surprised to see her throw that ball farther than I thought it was possible for her to throw! I guess her coach is teaching her something besides how to look cool in your uniform after all…

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  • Kim

    Good Morning Toni …I’m glad to hear you had a good time at the game.  Some kids are so competitive it’s scary.  They forget they’re out there to have fun, winning is a bonus.  Of course looking good in one’s uniform doesn’t hurt either 😉
    Have a great day!!

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