Can’t Fool Me

   This is wrong, but hilarious.
   Today I went into Cheyenne’s room to drop off some clean clothes, and I wound up in full-force cleaning mode. It all started when I happened to glance down at the floor of her seemingly-tidy room, and a stray folded pair of socks halfway under the bed caught my eye. I pick them up only to find a small pile of clean, folded clothes a little farther under. And I knew. I just knew.
   My daughter had been faking me out.
   Perhaps it is my fault for letting her clean the room with her door closed.
   Perhaps it wouldn’t have gone on as long as it has if I had followed up with her…
   I found dirty socks stuffed into old purses in the closet. Huh?
   I found trash hidden in the back of drawers, or tucked into a folder…candy wrappers, construction paper scraps, torn plastic wrapping–could she have been saving it?
   I found a paperback book laying under the mattress. What did she put it there for? It’s not like I wouldn’t let her read the thing…
   I chuckled to myself the entire time I was in her room, uncovering all this mess. I swear, if she just put forth half the effort it takes her to fake-clean her room, my entire house would be spotless. What genius! What dedication! What scheming! Why can’t she harness that energy and use her powers for good instead of evil? Kids–they’re just diabolical sometimes…but very entertaining.
   I can relate it to a recent time Caleb asked me to vacuum. I took the vacuum out and just ran it over the carpet in a few strategic places, without actually plugging it in, so it would give the appearance that I did what he asked. (Baby if you read this, I’m sorry. That was the only time. Honest.)

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4 responses to “Can’t Fool Me

  • LH

    It’s just the beginning.  Believe me even as teenagers I am amazed at where I find dirty socks and crumpled papers in their room.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments!

  • Kim

    Ahhhh …I’m not alone.  My daughter is such a pack rat.  She saves everything and I mean everything.  Wrapper, papers, tissue (gross) …you can find it all in her room.  And much like your daughter, she spends much time in "cleaning" her room. 
    Here’s an idea for them …use the garbage can for the papers and junk to free up the dresser drawers so your clothes don’t have to go under the bed.  I wonder if there’s some secret handbook for kids that we’re not privy to.

  • Unknown

    i swear my sister did these types of things – and in my abnormalcy – I
    never got it.  I just was NEVER like that – not at five, ten,
    fifteen.  I am too frikkin OCD & anal.  But I used to
    find my sister’s ‘normal’ cleaning-my-room behaviors so absurd :) 
    I’m sure I’ll get my share as mommy when Caleigh gets big enough to
    clean her own room. 

  • Nikki

    This made me laugh so much.  I would hide things in
    my room too.  Remember Claudia from the Baby
    Sitters Club? How she would hide stuff all over her
    room? Yeah, I thought that was cool, so I did it too.

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