Tomorrow I am going on a trip to TEXAS!!! Yea, Texas. The whole family, minus the dogs, will be truckin’ south about 4 hours to visit Caleb’s grandma for the first time ever. I am excited about this trip for several reasons:
  1. I’ve never been to the Northwest Part of Texas. I’m looking foward to the drive.
  2. I’ve never met Caleb’s grandma, and the last time he saw her was when he was 5. I’ve heard she’s a nice lady. This should be interesting.
  3. NO DOGS–not that I hate our precious pets or anything, but geez. I’ve come dangerously close to beating the hell out of them about 50 times this week, and I desperately need a break. Dogs, meet the kennel. Kennel, say hello to the dogs.
  4. I am getting out of the house (insert heavenly choir of angels here). This gives me a solid excuse for wearing something besides ratty old clothes. I may attempt to wear a little make-up…if I remember how to apply it correctly. Maybe I should pick up a Cosmo to read in the car.
  5. Most importantly, I will finally have an opportunity to use my most prized new possession–A fabulous pink and black cooler tote I got at Target not too long ago. This little baby caught my eye back in January, and when my mom sent me a gift card for Easter, I decided to make it mine once and for all. I did not consult Caleb before the purchase–it was one of those things I knew he would not approve of, or at the very least would suggest buying it in a different color, like "please-shoot-me-navy-blue" or "uber-manly-forest-green". Well listen up, punk. MY gift card, MY choice. And I choose pink. That’s right–PINK. Deal with it. Get over it. Embrace it. Love it. Fear it. When you live in a house full of girly-girls, it’s best to just smile and nod and carry the heavy bubble-gum-princess-pink cooler for us.



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5 responses to “Texas!

  • Unknown

    family road trip!!! FUNN!

  • Darcy

    SWEET!  Embrace your inner pink princess!  I would TOTALLY buy a pink cooler and then make the manly-man carry it… through a heavily crowded and populated area full of punk teenagers… if he complained!
    Have a great trip!
    Your #3 on the second list was hilarious!

  • LH

    Sounds awesome.  Have a wonderful trip.

  • barnyardmama

    Isn’t it fun to bust out those new prized possesions?  I’m going on a trip this weekend and I’m going to get to wear my new hat–I’m going to the horse races and I bought a big floppy hat for the occasion!
    I was reading some of your blogs below–I can’t believe you had your first child at 15.  I’m 27 and I’m still scared to death.  I better get over that soon.
    Enjoy northwest TX–not my favorite part of the country, but the people are the nicest!

  • Sue

    YES!  Mr. Caleb better get used to the color PINK and to the girly girl stuff cause he’s surrounded and outvoted.  Hubby gave up years ago!  WE RULE!  He likes strutting around now with his ‘three girls’.  hehe.   Hope you have a great trip!  And I hope the part of Texas you are going to isn’t sizzlin’. 

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