I have soooo many thoughts all crammed into my little bitty brain tonight that I’m sure, somewhere in there, a little red light is flashing and a siren is going off. "SYSTEM OVERLOAD! WARNING! WARNING!"
   Cheyenne’s weekly softball game took center stage this evening. Although we didn’t have to be at the field until 6:00, much of my day revolved around this one event, since I have to carefully coordinate all other activities leading up to the 3 hours ahead of departure time–it takes a lot to get my family ready to go anywhere, and our schedule runs like a finely-tuned machine. One slip, though, and the machine will explode…maybe I should install a little red flashing light in our hallway.
   The girls are making significant progress–tonight they experienced their first official home-run, our "walking" pitcher struck out 4 people, and best of all, Cheyenne was "promoted" to LEFT FIELD! Ah, the Toni doesn’t fall far from the tree…although I think it may be awhile until she’s ready to settle down behind homeplate.
   Most of my time was spent running around with Mia, of course. She was all over the place. Mia is like " a kid in a candy store" when she’s around other children, and she just delighted in chasing after this group of 5 year-old boys. She didn’t seem to mind that they wanted nothing to do with her–she kept right on following them up, down, and around the stands, as fast as her stubby little legs could carry her. If they shouted and shrieked, Mia shouted and shrieked. If they jumped off the top row of bleachers, Mia wanted to do the same. And during those rare golden moments when she was actually close enough to TOUCH one, she would, her eyes wide with excitement, ever so slowly, reeeeacchh…stop, look down at the boy, say a friendly "hi!", and then proceed to grab and yank his hair.
   These boys were not impressed, to say the least, with my beautiful daughter. They would give her these evil stares whenever she got close to them, and then would huddle together and say things like "She tried to take my drink!" or "She keeps following me!"
    THE LITTLE JERKS! How dare you kids? My poor kid only wanted to sit by you and maybe pet your hair for a moment or two. I hope you realize that in about 10 years it is you who will be running after her, dying for just one moment of half her attention.
   Thank you all that posted such nice comments. I most definitely want a vacation–but that will come in time. I think I would like to take the vacation $$$ and put it towards a nice electric fence…and maybe a doggy torture chamber…oh, come on, I was just kidding.

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7 responses to “SNUBBED

  • Sandra

    nice photos …lovely kids .
    kids & animals ..
    good job we love ’em!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    That was funny……your little girl running after the older boys (smile). I always marvel at the different ‘seasons’ in life…….indeed in a few years, they boys will be running after her……..but hey, you and her dad may not find it very funny then (laugh).  Dads usually cannot deal very well with that………
    Hope your day is a lovely one!

  • Sue

    Keep it up and I’m gonna have to go find a softball field to watch a game.  Blondie did the same thing while I was trying to watch DQ play (5 years between them).  Boys did same thing.  NOW they would kill to get her to notice them.  hehehehhehe (EVIL LAUGH)  Serves them right!  LOL.  Mia’s turn will come…. hehe
    : ) Sue

  • Alicia

    I would say her behavior is just the BEGINNING of the boy craziness you will be enduring in a few short years!!!  You’re gonna need all the luck you can get!!  :)

  • LH

    Ah all little girls go though that stage.  Plus they remember which boys ignored them too.  Karma!
    Glad you are feeling a little better.

  • K

    Isn’t it funny how boys in a matter of a few years will be the ones running after the girls, pulling their hair and crap like that because most don’t know how to behave when they like a girl???!!  You bet they will be running after her trying you get her attention!
    I hope you get your vacation… many of us could use one right about now… but I’m going away in less than two weeks… so I can’t complain…
    Ciao bella & have a great weekend!

  • Nunya

    Ahhhh how sweet!  You have a wonderful place here and I enjoyed my visit.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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