Confessions of a Hard-core Mommy

   The many wonderful ways raising a toddler has changed my life:
  1. I enjoy a good peanut butter-and-sprinkles sandwich.
  2. I use scribble-stix in the shower.
  3. I head straight for the toy department when I enter any store.
  4. I no longer use the restroom. I go potty.
  5. There’s only one "Steve" on television.
  6. And he ranks high on my list of CILFs. (Celebrities I’d like to…)
  7. That list also includes a few cartoon characters.
  8. I can often be heard singing tunes from "Follow That Bird".
  9. I would rather listen to these songs than any music on the radio.
  10. Mia’s room is my favorite room of the house.
  11. I will play with a ladybug for hours.
  12. My idea of a goodnight’s sleep is waking up only 3 times between midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  13. I am a lean, mean, block-tower-building machine.
  14. My snack of choice is animal crackers.
  15. I have colored my toenails with a fat purple marker.
  16. Superman would kill for my sense of hearing.
  17. It is not unusual for me to sport a temporary tatoo of Elmo.
  18. I am not afraid to wear slippers to the grocery store…..what?
  19. On our anniversary, my husband and I chose to see a kids’ movie.
  20. I can do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, with one hand.



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9 responses to “Confessions of a Hard-core Mommy

  • Sue

    Woo Hoo!  You are a one hard core mommy!  I catch myself doing these things again with my baby sis’s little ones and it’s such fun.  Okay is CILF similar to MILF? hehe.  You are one great mommy girl. 
    Sue : )

  • Kim

    Isn’t it great how kids change our whole life!  I have to admit, I haven’t worn my slippers out in public …yet.  You have some great new pictures posted.  Your daughters are too cute!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!
    ps: the reason for all the bird flu articles is because I’m paranoid that we’ll be struck without means to protect ourselves.  oh and …the Christmas countdown …I love Christmas and I start counting down on Dec 26th :)

  • Unknown

    you are seriously America’s Next Top Model –errr- Mommy… You are
    awesome!!  I have been known to wear slippers to the grocery store, gas
    station, Wal Mart, etc.  I usually try to clothe myself properly for
    Tar-get’ – cuz you know, that’s upscale and all!!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    I don’t have any kids but I could well imagine how they would change my life………I would probably need to take a class to be a hard core mommy like you (smile)!  The pics of the family are toooooo cute – you should be very proud.
    I am right outside of Dallas, TX……..loving it here, but not sure where I will end up once I finish my degree next year………..I should know by December, though. 
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  • Lori

    Blogging through from Kim’s page…   your list makes me tired!!!  :)  My youngest will be 8 this summer and i’m starting to feel some freedom again!

  • LH

    Oh I loved this.  Isn’t a little bit of humor so great to get us through the day.  I so remember my days being filled that way.  Soon though you will be talking about boys and music with your girls wondering where those other days went.

  • Mercy

    HAHA!!! I have a temp. tattoo on the back of my hand as I type!!! LOL ya got me! Mercy

  • Nooner™

    lol @ I can do anything with one hand .. lol.
    And, I refuse to comment on the letters CILF on the grounds that it will ruin my pristine online reputation .. lol.
    But, be the first to call me a NILF, then I think I will be yours forever .. lol.

  • Elizabeth

    I LOVED this list!!! My son’s room is my sanctuary….and I too can do anything with one hand! Gotta run, gotta go potty.

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