My poor husband is torn up inside, and it is because he has practically murdered, oh, about 5 of God’s beautiful creatures.
  Caleb found a HUMONGOUS bird’s nest filled with tiny eggs this past weekend in the lid of our unsightly bright-white propane tank. Unfortunately, we are scheduled to fill that puppy up here in the next week or so, and we knew that poor nest had to go. Caleb spent I-don’t-even-know-how-much money at Lowe’s on supplies to build a birdhouse. He was so excited.
   This afternoon, he built the thing, spent forever getting it to be just the right height, pounded it into the ground about 3 feet away from the original nesting site, and carefully transplanted the precious nest to its new spot…and we waited. And waited. Momma and Papa Bird flew in and out of the propane tank lid, confused…if birds could have expressions, these poor birds’ faces would read "What the hell?…"
   Birds are not the brightest animals on the face of this great Earth. They have flown around the tank about a million times, never once darting to their right, where their posh new birdhouse is sturdily standing, housing their 5 little babies…after all this thought we put into it.
   And yet, we feel so terrible, Caleb especially. He watched through Mia’s window for at least an hour, willing those things to fly just 3 feet over to discover their new home.
   Me, I’ve got a hunch that those damn birds will not miraculously "discover" their ever-so-carefully built birdhouse, but will go back to building a brand-new nest in the old location, complete with a brand-new set of babies…so sad. Don’t know what in the heck we’ll do with these 5 unborn orphans now.
   On another note, I may still have the mumps. My lump is back with a fierceness, and Caleb looked at my hideous face and called me "Quasimodo"…excuse me, according to my dear, sweet, loving husband, he only called me "Quasi". Which is so much nicer. Thanks, babe.

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9 responses to “MURDERER

  • K

    Yeah.. I had heard that if you touch a baby bird or even try to put it back in it’s nest once it’s fallen out… the parents will let it die… Apparently the scent of humans scares them or what not.  Not sure.. but since I was a kid I was always told to leave the birds alone – don’t touch the nests, unless of course you want them to die.
    But not all is in vain… the birds will now have this posh new humble abode to nest in … next time!  Sorry it didn’t work out so well for you… that’s really unfortunate and sad!
    I have joined you with the being sick .. reoccuring illness or something… yeah… whatever… something’s gotta give!
    Ciao bella,

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Oh, poor Caleb!  Like KC, I have always heard that you never touch a nest or baby birds.  I was never sure why – I just thought my dad said that because he is a nature freak and he didn’t want us to hurt a fly! I do hope that somehow the birds find their new, upscale nesting spot.
    Wow, are you sure it’s the mumps?  Maybe you need to see a doctor quickly……..I thought that disease had been wiped out decades ago.  Be careful and feel better soon.

  • Alicia

    Your hubby’s a MEANIE!!  LMAO!!  :)

  • Elizabeth

    ahhh that is such a sad story for many reasons…poor babies, poor Caleb!!  oh and that really is a bummer if you have the mumps! Get well soon!

  • Sue

    You aren’t supposed to touch nests.  The mommy bird won’t have anything to do with them if they sense humans.  Don’t worry.  There are more birds out there for the bird house.
    Geez, you just might have the mumps! You will know if it grows, hurts like hell, and you can hardly move your head around.  So sorry.  If you have the mumps, you get unlimited milkshakes.  that’s the rule.
    Hope you feel better!
    : ) Sue

  • Christina

    thanks for visiting my blog today and for your nice comment!  It’s been so interesting to get to see other people’s blogs the past couple days.  I had no idea there were this many people in the world blogging!  I like your site address "toniscrazy".  That’s funny :)

  • Darcy

    Omg, that is so sad… poor Caleb!  Although he gets some points taken away for the whole Quasi thing… mean!
    Maybe you should bring the nest inside and ‘incubate’ the eggs yourself.. then when they hatch you can hand feed them… it isn’t as though you already have two kids, three dogs and a husband right?  Everyone needs 5 orphaned birds~  I’m funny! :)
    Take care

  • barnyardmama

    I talked to the vet’s office and they said the touching the nest/baby thing is an old wive’s tale.  Maybe you should have moved the nest when they were there.  No worries, though, the bird world is fraught with danger and now you’ve made them a nice home.
    I enjoyed your mommy list, but am quite shocked–slippers at the grocery store?  Don’t they get all yucky?  Despite your list, you don’t look like one of those bedraggled mommies I’m scared of becoming one day. 
    You’re little one sounds cute.  Today, I had to give a band-aid to a 4-year-old and she wanted to know if I had any "cool" ones.  Of course, I didn’t.  I told her I only had big-kid band-aids.  She got very excited and said she was going to wear it to school tomorrow:)  Anything to be like a big kid.

  • Nooner™

    Hi Toni,
    Feeling better yet? Let us know here in your next blog, will ya please?
    I know how Caleb (and you) feels about the new birdhouse he built and the parents not going in there to check them out.
    By the way, talking of birdhouses, I think you have a tremendous photo (among many great family pics!).  The one that struck me as a particular beauty was of an early evening, very ominious clouded sky .. with darkened homes in the distance on either side to balance the photo .. and a birdhouse on a pole sticking up in the middle of the photo.  I just think that’s a great shot.

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