1. BIRDIES: The damn birds built another nest in the lid of the propane tank, just like we knew they would. Caleb emptied the thing out yet again, and this time left the lid open, which you would think made them either scoot on over to their new digs or leave entirely, but no. They’re just hangin’ out, on top of the propane tank, I suppose trying to come up with a new game plan. Geez Louise. We will sit in front of Mia’s window and shout at them, "LOOK TO THE RIGHT! THE RIGHT!", but to no avail…
  2. MUMPS: I read on the internet (so it HAS to be true) that many people who get the mumps have such mild symptoms that they don’t even realize they have it. But me, I don’t miss a thing. I’ve read the books.  I got a knot, however small it may be, on the right side of my face, and I can tell. My jaw is killing me. I’m slightly fatigued, and just generally feeling conky and out-of-sorts…if this is all there is to it, I must say I’m a little disappointed. I really wanted a picture of myself with huge hamster cheeks to freak out my grandchildren and their children’s children. I plan on living an awful long time, seeing as how I’ve survived the mumps and all.
  3. THE FIGHT AGAINST CAFFEINE: I know when I’m licked, and I give up on this losing battle. I did well at the beginning of the year, but that was another time…caffeine is most definitely being called for these days, but I am managing to stick with just coffee and not the coke. I read on another blog (see Bobina) that caffeine is actually quite wonderful for the body and soul. I knew it all along.
   That’s really all there is to my world right now. Still trying hard not to murder the dogs in cold blood. Now there’s a battle.

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12 responses to “THE RUNDOWN

  • K

    Silly question but can you move the propane tank?  I dunno… just wondering as birds are creatures of habit…
    Yeah.. I think I will start adding caffeine (in moderation) to my diet… and since I have no real vices… I can say I will have one!
    Hope you have a great day!
    Ciao bella,

  • Sue

    Good Lord, I can’t get through a day without coffee and diet coke.  I’m hopeless!!  You got yourself a birdie problem.  Hopefully nesting season will over soon : )  You could move the propane tank as KC suggested, but don’t you use it to b-b-q or something?? 
    If you have mumps and that’s as bad as is gets?  well… i’m disappointed too!  I suffered!!  They nearly put me in the hospital with that stupid childhood disease.  Dweeb got a letter from health dept today FINALLY talking about what to do regarding patients with mumps.  basically… NOTHING!  big help.  Have the two mumps immunizations and pray you don’t get them.  I need to give them a call.  The left out the unlimited milkshakes treatment.  It does help.  
    Hope you feel better!
    : ) Sue

  • Sue

    never mind on the propane tank thing.  I think it needs another name. When I hear propane tank, I think those little doo dads for the gas grill. LOL.  That is just a tad larger!!!!
    Good luck with that!
    : ) Sue

  • Darcy

    I guess being disappointed is one way of looking at it, but my guess is that if you wound up in the hosptial, you’d be none too thrilled!
    Good job on not killing the dogs yet too!  You deserve an award!

  • David

    We are ready for the baby!!! As a matter of fact she just lost her plug about 4 hrs ago!!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    I wonder why the birds feel that the propane tank must be their nesting place……..I hope they somehow figure out they have a nesting place – a fancy one too.  Isn’t it just like us humans to keep looking at the closed door when a new one has opened?

  • Alicia

    I think you should throw caution to the wind and send the BAD DOGGIES to the shelter!  Just kiddin…although I bet you’ve considered it!!  :)

  • Nooner™

    OMG Toni, I kept thinking it was a small propane tank connected to a barbecue as well.  It wasn’t till I saw the pic of a huge propane tank that I now understand what happened .. and why they came back.
    Well, good that your mumps is mild, though I’m so very sorry your jaw is killing you, like you say. Get better fast!   ~Nooney~

  • LH

    I have this mental image in my head of your family of four looking out Mia’s window all yelling at the birds to go three feet to the side.  I just can’t stop laughing, know that our family would be doing the same thing.

  • barnyardmama

    Is there something tasty that birds like to eat?  Maybe it you put seeds or whatever on the birdhouse (or in it) they’ll start to appreciate it. 
    I tried giving up caffeine once–I was a bitch.  My drinking diet coke is a public service:)

  • Nooner™

    Toni, delete after you read.
    It probably is true!! Though, I wouldn’t know lol.  At my age, I get the opportunity so infrequently that I take advantage of the rare occurence lol. So, I twist, turn, roll here, there .. damn, I just lose track of all my bearings! (plus, it’s more fun that way when it’s someone new .. Shhhh! .. lol).

  • Nooner™

    Oh geeze, I left the comment below on the wrong spaces .. Don’t even try to figure it out .. lol .. Delete that thing, Toni

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