Groundhog Day

   A few months back I made a rather long entry detailing every moment of the oh-so-magical night I met my Caleb. While that evening will always be special, it was our second "date" that will always stand out the most in my mind. And so now, I will delight you with a few enchanting clips from what I like to refer to as "My Own Personal Groundhog Day–The Only Groundhog Day That Will Ever Mean Anything At All To Me Ever."
February 2, 2002: I started the morning out with a slight hangover and a rousing lecture from my dad, but that didn’t slow me down. Immediately after getting off work at a hellhole the modern world knows as Dillard’s, I made fabulous plans for a girls’ night out at the very same club I had been whooping it up with Caleb at just less than 12 hours earlier.
   To my surprise, he called me a few minutes before I headed out, and…I sort of invited him to meet me there, knowing full good and well that I was breaking the traditional laws of Girls’ Night. Hey, a chick’s gotta have someone good-looking enough to dance with!
   At this point in time, Caleb had no inkling that I had a daughter (who my parents were so sweet to babysit for the 2nd night in a row), nor did he realize that we lived only 2 seconds away from each other and had attended the same high school. I guess I failed to mention said facts during the hours upon hours we spent talking (and dancing and drinking and making-out) the night before. And I didn’t feel the need to disclose this information with him. After all, it was only Day 2–he certainly wasn’t the first guy to drool over me in a bar, walk me to my car, kiss me or get my phone number–and I fully expected he wouldn’t be the last.
   We spent another late night doing much of the same thing–he brought along his friend…um…Barty* (Name has been changed), who was lookin’ for love, and found it–that night, with a beautiful lady who happened to be the same age as me, had just recently gotten a divorce, was going to school, and had a 5 year old kiddo. Hmmmm…sound familiar?
   My girlfriends ditched me at about 12:00 to head for home, and I wound up stuck in a truck with Barty and Caleb about 3 hours later, listening to Barty go on and on about "his dream girl". Here’s where it got good for me:
   Barty: "I don’t know man. She’s hot and all but she’s 21, she’s divorced, AND she’s GOT A KID! I can’t handle a kid, dude."
   Caleb: "Don’t rule her out completely–you might miss out on getting to know a really great girl just because she’s got a kid–kids aren’t a deal-breaker. They’re a bonus."
   Barty: "Yeah, I guess you’re right. You guys wanna stop at Whataburger?"
   Ah, Whataburger. I don’t think I’ve ever been there between the hours of 8:00 a.m and midnight. Anyway, I digress.
   If I was smitten the night before, I was head-over-heals in love after listening to that elusively-intelligent-man-dialouge. They dropped me off at my house, and Caleb and I made plans for an official "first date" in the following week.
   I found out months later what really went down after I had exited the truck. Apparently, Barty had recognized me, or at least my house–I imagine the conversation to have gone something like this:
   Barty: "Dude–I think THAT girl has a kid, too! I think she went to school with my sister!"
   Caleb: "F*CK! Now I’ll HAVE to date her."
   Needless to say, the sister was called, and the jig was up–though Caleb never let on that he knew; I volunteered the information 3 days later. He screwed himself on that one! But look where he is now…and Barty is happily married to the dream girl.
   To be continued…

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16 responses to “Groundhog Day

  • Sue

    This is a good story!  Mine will be forthcoming, but let’s just say when I was Dweeb’s patient in the E.R. in the hospital I worked at, he started asking the nurses if anyone knew anything about me and who I was.  All they knew was, "i think she has a black kid" (I have red hair, fair skin, and freckles).  And the fairy tale began. LOL (Drama Queen is bi-racial and 3yo when we met).  I love these stories.  They are so friggin’ funny and sweet.  Can’t wait to read more now!
    : ) Sue

  • Laura

    Just being nosey. Before I even read your blog, I was laughing out lous at your "What I Watch" List. Very cute. I love your post about your second date… I will have to come back to read more.
    (Oh yeah, I am here by way of Katy’s (aka Barnyard’s) space…)

  • Sheryl-Ann

    That was a sweet story……can’t wait to hear the rest.  Isn’t it amazing how we find love when we least expect it?  Don’t keep us waiting too long now (smile).
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Alicia

    And you are happily married to Caleb…how SWEET!!  :)
    You better not make us wait long to find out what happened!!

  • LH

    This was very cute.  Love hearing the story.

  • LH

    I LOVE the new hair — you look great.

  • Alicia

    OK, you seem to be one of the few who read the deleted blog at the Barnyard…so how’s about telling me what she wrote about?  It’s FREAKIN’ KILLIN’ ME!!

  • Laura

    To answer your question- Right now I live in Central Fla, but I have lived in Tampa, Brandon, Tallahassee… I do like it here. It is so different from other states that I visit.
    I keep seeing your comments (on other spaces), but I never came over before. I get ‘comfortable’ with my little cirlcle… this was a little reward for getting out of my comfort zone!

  • Darcy

    That was a super cute story… now I have to go back and find the first one… you’re a good story teller…
    Have to run, but I’ll be back later to snoop ya out :)

  • Kim

    Awwww …it’s not too often you find a guy like that.  You’re both lucky to have found each other. 
    I was looking through your pictures and Cheyenne reminds me a lot of my daughter, especially now that my daughter has glasses.  It seems as if we have the same fort building technique going on.  LOL  The kids love to take all the pillows off the couch and get the blankets out to build walls.  These are the things to remember …and finger prints …I never get mad when I have tiny finger prints every where because some day they won’t be there so I enjoy them while they’re there.
    As you read, my first set of classes are over.  WOO HOO!!  The next two start next week.  I’m taking software engineering and hope to move up within my company. 
    Thank you for stopping by my site during my hiatus.  Your comments kept me going :)

  • Sue

    OOHHH!  I had to find out my sexy brazillian name after hearing yours!  It is Gisele Fontana.  oo-la-la. 

  • InkaDinka

    Barty! I miss that Barty! I love this – so funny and even more funny because I know all the people in this story…Barty…too funny!!!

  • Nooner™

    Wow!  I love this!  Can’t wait for the "to be continued" part.  God, romance is so damn wonderful!! 

  • Unknown

    OMG, I just read this and am laughing my ass off – out loud –
    hysterically!!  No seriously.. and Caleigh asks "Mommy, what
    happened!"  And I bust out between sobbing laughter
    "Barty!!"  That is a GREAT story.  I’m gonna retell it at
    your twenty-year anniversary party when we’re old and REALLY saggy…

  • Michael

    haha great story Toni…I wait in anticipation for part 2!
    Take care,

  • Kim

    Hey Toni!  Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!  Not much going on here …except for my trip to the drug store.  I’ll be blogging about that one. LOL  You haven’t blogged in a while …hmmmmm 😉

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