Dance, Monkey, Dance!

   Oh, the joys of having company, and the emotional upset that comes with their departure.
   This past weekend INKA and her boyfriend Mike came to our house to feed us, clean up after us, watch our children, listen to our idiodic ramblings, and generally provide us with loads of entertainment. It was a great visit.
   They arrived late Friday night after a long day at the office and an even longer day on a plane. We forced them to stay up and eat and tell jokes with us until almost midnight. Then we sent them off to bed in Cheyenne’s sweet hawaiian-themed room.
   Saturday morning I felt it to be in their best interest to wake up fairly early, so Mia and I made as much noise as possible, banging around in the kitchen, burning pancakes and yelling at the dogs. Before the day was over, we dragged them through the woods in the heat of the day for a leisurely stroll, WOW-ED them with stimulating conversations about poo-poo, both human and canine, and fed them sandwiches which they prepared themselves with ingredients they had purchased. Perhaps we need a little hosting-practice…
   That night, as soon as we had the kids to bed and the wine flowing, I pounded them with questions that had been floating around in my head all week, questions such as, "The rest of the world–what’s it like?" and "So. What do you do?" and "What does that mean?" and "I still don’t understand. Forget I asked. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? And I mean, EVER?"
   I realized even while asking these things that I was probably coming off as a bit eager, desperate, maybe slightly crazy, but hey, my page isn’t called "Fighting Insanity" for nothing. I finally allowed our poor guests to retire for the night around 2:00 a.m.–but only after I had made a complete chatterbox out of myself and they knew my life story in its entireity.
   Sunday, I lazed off a wee bit of a hangover while Inka and Cheyenne made a fabulous breakfast of french toast, eggs, and bacon. After that, we all overdosed on coffee and trip-tropped off to the Oklahoma City Zoo, where mothers from all over the nation, it seemed, came to "GET IN FREE". It was like FREAKIN’ DISNEY WORLD. Inka got in on the action by posing as Cheyenne’s mommy for the day, and 5 hours later we left, tired, sore, and smellin’ pretty funky–but it was a good time had by all…at least I think it was. I just love the zoo.
   We dined on more fantastic sandwiches that night and the next day. Mia and Cheyenne "Nemo-ed" Inka for the first time (she had never seen that movie–can you imagine!), and sent them off to the airport Monday afternoon. I hated to see them leave. I still had more questions to ask.

   In all seriousness (okay, maybe not ALL seriousness–this is me), I really enjoyed our company’s…company. I was glad to get the opportunity to learn more about INKA–who became more and more fascinating to me as the weekend went by–I found out that she moved to the U.S. when she was 14, and started 8th grade here without speaking a word of English. I was dying to ask her to say something in Finnish or German but thought perhaps that would be too much. She struck me as extremely smart, and very, very thoughtful, and just straight-up NICE. Her boyfriend was just all-around awesome–easy-going, friendly, adorable–and the man could tell one hell of a story. He gets 2 thumbs-up. I’m so happy to have gotten to know them both a little better. Thanks for a great weekend, guys.


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13 responses to “Dance, Monkey, Dance!

  • barnyardmama

    I always LOVE company–and I’m afraid I talk too much as well, WHATEVER, don’t come over if you don’t want to talk–I need entertainment, people. 
    The zoo on mother’s day?  Yuck, I hope i never go there–hot, icky, and crowded?  talk about my night mare.
    Sounds like a good visit–I’d’ve made them talk in a foreign language.

  • Sue

    LMAO!  I’m the same way!  Especially when Dweeb stuck me out in western Kansas for a year!!  I thought I would lose my mind out there.  Then I would act like that because I was so busy with the kids, we never got out into the real world. 
    Glad you had such a great weekend!  I would have made her speak the language she spoke when she moved here.  I make Dweebs mom speak French just to hear it. 
    : )  Sue

  • Kadrin

    Sounds like a great visit : ) You made them feel very welcome it sounds like, (instead of asked too many questions) : P
    Great story of yer mom and I loved the meeting with yer hubby sharing : )
    Great blogging, hugs Blabby

  • Laura

    So, is INKA a blog friend you got to meet in person, or what?! I am a little lost. I laughed at your comments about hosting.. that always happens to us. I try so hard to be the little hostess, but then the company wants to feed us or something like that. It takes some of the fun out of it, but maybe that is me! My bro and sis -in-law comes over all the time and sleeps on an air mattress in our dining/den. I don’t have a cute themed room to send them off to… oh well!

  • barnyardmama

    I suspect our hubbies may be alike.  What gets me is the line, "he keeps me grounded.  I keep him entertained."  Could have been said about me and my hub.   Sounds like you got a good one (wink, wink)

  • InkaDinka

    Haha….funny blog! Here a list in honor of the weekend:
    1. Caleb loves Dr. Pepper
    2. Toni – excellent at making sandwiches
    3. You guys drink just as much coffee as we do
    4. Caleb has principles (as does Michael)
    5. Don’t interrupt Caleb when he’s telling a story (same goes for Michael) – just wouldn’t have the heart to….
    6. Red wine
    7. Toni = Bright colors = pinks, yellows, aqua blue
    8. There is a proper process to everything
    9. Don’t mess with the grill-  Caleb’s territory….
    10. Comfort
    11. Dishes with polka dots, swirlies and flowers
    12. Awesome weather
    13. Gorilla’s eat poop
    14. Mia waving
    15. Smokey, Shadow and Darcy
    16. Pink flip flops
    17. Sandwiches….
    Thanks guys!!!!

  • Vicky

    Just a little note to say HELLO! I loved the story you wrote about you and your mother, very sweet.

  • Nikki

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend! I wish I could say the same.  Maybe one weekend sometime down the road Chris & I can hang out at your house.  The men can be manly together and we can morph into giggly 11 year olds. haha  I would call you, but I’m always afraid i’ll wake the baby or something.  I’m always up for a phone call so feel free to dial me up. 
    Oh and Happy Belated mothers day!

  • Nikki

    I was just flipping through your newest pictures. I adore the painting of the purple flower you did! It would look fabulous in my bedroom. haha.  Or the living room…or bathroom.  Hell, even the kitchen.  My entire house is purple & green. Yes…I need help.
    Love the cute little pots you put on the dining table. SUCH a cute idea! I may steal that idea if I ever have guests.  Nobody comes to visit us.  People suck. lol

  • Darcy

    Hey girl!
    That sounds like my kind of weekend… chattering and laughing and messin’ around… who’s INKA?
    Can I come and visit next?  Just make sure you don’t get me and the puppy mixed up… although sounds like both me and the dog are crazy, so that should be fun!
    CATS!  Good idea… I can’t have cats at my place though, which makes me crying sad… I’m dying to have a kitty cat and I actually think I want to move to be able to get one… We’ll have to see… moving is a pain in the ass!
    Thanks for coming by the other site too!  I’m having such a great time doing the course… thought I’d be hating it, but I sure don’t!
    Take care

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…sounds like you had a great weekend!  It’s about time the poor girl was Nemo-ed…I’ve been Nemo-ed several times over since it came out on video!;)
    Take care,

  • K

    What great company!  Sounds like you had a blast… can always use days like that!  But I can’t help it.. I love going to the Zoo… at least a clean one… Toronto Metro Zoo is top notch in the world… so I’m lucky… at least I will be when I finally get to go there…!
    Ciao bella,

  • Unknown

    Ah, I am so jealous – but so delighted that you guys were able to catch
    up and hang out.  What an awesome weekend – and aww, the FOOD!
    yumm.. the wine the coffee… and the Zoo smell.  Fab!!  I
    can’t believe Inka has made it so near to our household w/out NEMO –
    wow.  She hasn’t escaped Barbie movies, I know that for
    certain.  And you are dead on, I is one of the most fascinating,
    genuine, amazing women I know.  She’s my favorite best

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