Coffee and Cold Pizza

   I am in a complete and utter FUNK today–I won’t go into the reasons why, and this time, I do actually know the reasons why–but I am trying to work myself out of it by walking, painting, blogging, and, my personal favorite, binging on coffee and cold pizza. Good stuff.
   The flower painting I had originally started for my sister now informs me that it will be hanging on my bedroom wall, if I would hurry up and finish him. I gave him the option of parading himself around at a friend’s house, and he’s thinking about it, so we’ll see where he winds up. He’s got a little brother on the way, and that bad boy is for sure headed to my sister, A.S.A.P. I refer to these paintings in people form because they are like my babies–whether they turn out good or bad, they will always be beautiful and special to me.
   After spending $1000 plus at the vet’s office the past couple weeks, we’ve finally managed to get ALL 3 DOGS to stop scratching, at least for the most part. Stupid mutts and their stupid allergies which causes their stupid infections…
   I’m getting Cheyenne’s kick-ass birthday party all planned out–yesterday I bought these wicked awesome invitations at Hobby Lobby–you know, the kind you print out yourself on a home computer? I’m extremely proud of them and am a little upset that I won’t be getting one in the mail like all the other little 10 year old girls we invited to the (slumber) party. I set the limit to 4, and Cheyenne immediately pushed it to 5…so I’ll have a group of giggly, rowdy girls running around the house next Saturday night. Mia ought to get a kick out of that.
   Cheyenne had the idea of letting everyone paint ceramic pots and planting these sweet mini-hibiscus-looking plants in them for their party treats. My kid can come up with some damn cool ideas. She asked me if I would personalize the girls’ pots with my fabulous handwriting…I am so honored. Now I just have to fit in shopping for this blessed event sometime in the few days.
   Well, that’s the rundown of my life this week. Gonna get back to the painting–so I can put him on the wall and shut him up for good…I don’t treat my real babies like that.

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20 responses to “Coffee and Cold Pizza

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Just stopping by to say hi.  I hope you are out of your funk by now – don’t you hate those days?  The party sounds like it is going to be a blast so I know Cheyenne will be happy…….and Mia too of course (smile).  My birthday is on Sunday but I won’t be having anything as grand….probably just a few drinks with friends.
    Hope you have a pleasant evening.

  • Darcy

    Well that sounds like a pretty cool birthday party!  And hopefully it’s nice out, so they can spend ‘some’ of the time outside?
    I’m sorry you’re in a funk… I get that way too… and while I usually know what’s causing it too, I still can’t talk my mind out of being in it… good job on ya for doing things to keep the world spinning… most of the time I just want to lay on my sofa and feel sorry for myself… :)
    Take care!

  • K

    Birthday party sounds like fun… can I come?  Pretty pllleeeeeezzzz?
    You got yourself a Taurus or a Gemini on your hands? 
    Have fun!
    Ciao bella,

  • barnyardmama

    Church on a Wednesday?  Free food, adult conversation, singing.  You don’t have to be hard core. . . Plus, it was senior night which meant all the cuties graduating from high school had a slide show and performed and such.  I’m all about it. 
    FUNK be gone!  Easier said than done, I know.
    I think you should send me one of those invitations–they sound awesome and so do Cheyenne’s ideas.  She must get that from her mother.
    I’m a secret artist.  This weekend church is having a "studio," which means that anyone who enjoys making art will be getting together and working on their pieces.  I’m thinking about a "friendship quilt" painting.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Have fun with the party planning.

  • Sue

    What a great idea for party treats!!  Cheyenne is a creative genius for her tender age!  The party will be a blast and a huge hit I’m sure of it! 
    Thanks for your comments.  It means so much to know that people like you are willing to open up like that.  I knew you guys were out there and I’m going to continue with her story and a few past stories that we now laugh at because they are absurd!  I’m sorry about your mom, but you were so incredibly fortunate to have the mom you had to raise you.  We thought of that with my grandchildren, but thought it was too close and afraid DQ may try something.  But I know where all children are and keep in contact ; ) 
    Get out of that funk!  I swear it’s spreading through this internet like a friggin’ virus!  The party will help.  I loved planning and having those parties for Blondie!  BTW:  I LOVE your paintings.  They are beautiful.  You are very talented!
    : )  Sue

  • Nikki

    I’m sorry you are in a funk. I hope it’s not because of our long phone call last night. hehe.  It was really good talking to you. :)

  • Unknown

    No funk allowed!!  Don’t mess w’ da funk!!  Seriously, vent
    if you need to.  That is such a GREAT idea for party favors (the
    pots) – looks like she has mom’s creative-bling :)  HUGS! 
    Sending no-more-funk vibes your way…

  • LH

    I haven’t been by for a while so I thought I would at least stop by and say Hi.  Hope you are feeling a little better.  Sounds like things have been crazy there as usual.

  • Laura

    See, the funk is going around. Like a virus!
    I haven’t painted something for fun in a long time. I’m jealous. Oh, and
    cold pizza is almost better than fresh pizza. I don’t know what it is about that!
    Oh, and I am going to sneak off to the pool around 12:30 today and see if Mr.Duck is back. I have heard that there are two of them, and they are here every year. They are nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde… I am determined to snap a photo of at least one of them!

  • Alicia

    So, when do we get the last installment of how you and Caleb met?  Or was that the last one you wrote??  Now I’m confusing myself….
    HUGS!!  :)

  • lori

    Hi, I wandered over from Nooner’s … just wanted to say I enjoyed the visit.  Thanks, Lula

  • Kim

    OK …I’m officially confused and I’ll admit it doesn’t take much :)  I’ve stopped by your site a few times and didn’t see an new entries.  The last one that I saw was groundhog day and then today there are all these entries.  Strange …but I think it’s my computer at home (since I’m at work now) or it’s because I’ve been heavily medicated with sinus meds.  Tonight I’m going home and I’m opening your page …my guess is that the last entry will be groundhog day and then I’ll refresh and all will be well.  I even think I commented on you not writing …you must think I’ve gone off the deep end.  LOL

  • Michael

    The funk stretched all the way to California because I have it now!;)…
    Yes  tootsbustedmikey is quite the storey…the ending is even more spectacular!;) 
    The birthday party sounds very cool…hope Cheyenne has a good one and mom and dad survive it!!haha
    Take care,

  • K

    OK.. I just noticed now… I’m like dear Abby!!! LOL… awwhh thank you for that… I litterally laughed out loud… Thank you!
    Hope today is better… just remember to breathe….
    Ciao bella,
    KC – your Dear Abby

  • K

    Oh… and I will be working on a few astrology write ups soon about Kids… so stay tuned for what you can expect for a Gemini child!
    LOL… awwhh… you just made my soul smile…
    Ciao bella,

  • barnyardmama

    I think I have the most child-friendly church ever.  They have all the different levels of child care going on while they have service.  It’s like moments of freedom from the chillins.  I think that’s why a lot of people go.

  • Nooner™

    I love cold pizza too!
    It didn’t dawn on me today that painting was a hobby of yours.  That’s awesome, Toni ! I love the one of the gal and the red lips. The pic of the Slumber Party invitations is very kewl .. Nicely done!

  • Sandra

    hello to you , I am trying to get around to spaces I’ve been missing through bad organisation !
    your story for mothers day is very moving ….
    a friend of mine adopted her 1st & then gave birth after about 15 years of "trying"she always told her  "1st "that he was very special because she chose HIM specially & that he was an important person because of this !!!
    your daughter is taking after you ,she sounds lovely .
    have a good weekend
    *blesings *

  • David

    Sounds like you will have your hands full!! God knows it we are both so sleep deprived at this moment, I dont know what keeps us going!!

  • sarah

    Hi there, Just wanted to let you know I’m glad you stopped by and liked what I’d written. It doesnt really register that I’m writing to anyone else but myself, so it’s cool to know you’re out there! Cheyenne’s party favors are super sweet, how awesome to have a cool kid! Have a great week! Sarah

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