When Animals attack…or, more appropriately, When Birds Make Nests

   Birds do not understand the concept of safety. At all. Whatsoever. At least not Oklahomaian birds…freakin’ uneducated country bumpkin birds…
   I can only assume these are the same birds that previously resided in the lid of our big white monster of a propane tank–but then, all birds look the same to me. They’ve decided to build a nest on a 1/2 inch ledge near our front door, using classic materials like leaves, twigs, and hair. If they had some lumber, a few screws, and a drill, this dream home of theirs might be feasible.
   I can’t think of another word to say about this. I can only shake my head and sigh at the sheer stupidity of these animals–stupidity that I assumed instinct would override at some point in time. It’s just not happening.
   Maybe I’ll take this opportunity to discuss the wildlife of this place called "the prairie"…which is, I think, a really pretty word for "the wide-open middle of nowhere"… I’m like freakin’ Jeff Corwin around here.
  1. BUFFALO: Yeah, I’ve seen ’em. We got ’em. Roaming freely on the plain…well, maybe not around here. The only place close by where these bad boys can be found are on a special farm a little up the road…and they look like the pigmy variety.
  2. WILD GEESE: These puppies, or should I say geese, used to land by the 80-ct. flock full every morning and every evening, until I accidentally threw a ball for Darcy in the middle of them…just to see what happened. We maybe see 5 or 6 every other day nowadays.
  3. COYOTES: I have not actually laid eyes upon these animals around the house–but I know they’re here. When I walk outside at night, I can hear them howling. Sometimes, they sound awful close. And the neighbors said a couple killed their pet bunny and ate some dog food they had on their back porch…I did get a glimpse of one down in Texas, and was disappointed to see how very small it was.
  4. DEER: I have seen these–in the grass by the highway at night. But even better than seeing them flash by at 75 mph in the dark was finding many, many deer tracks straight through my yard! I am so honored to have deer eat our grass. This is what I suspect my dogs to go nuts over every now and then in the middle of the night…
  5. PRAIRIE DOGS: My very favorite. I HEART PRAIRIE DOGS. I wish to somehow catch one and keep it forever. About 5 miles away, a man has set up a "prairie dog town" complete with houses, shops, a church and a school–special for these precious things. They’re tiny–like squirrels, maybe, but without the bushy tail, and when you get ’em, they take over. They yip and yap and scurry and pop up and down in their holes like the game at Chuck-E-Cheese. And they’re fast little suckers, too, so I probably never will catch one. *tear*

   In addition, we have fireants, falcons, rattlesnakes, and tarantulas. But had I physically seen the last two, I would not be here typing because I would’ve died of fright right on the spot. Either that, or I would’ve crapped my pants and died of embarrassment–one way or the other, it wouldn’t have been good for me in the end.

   And so that’s it, unless you count the armadillos/skunks/rabbits/turtles that you see dead on the side of the road. But you can find that sort of thing anywhere.


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6 responses to “When Animals attack…or, more appropriately, When Birds Make Nests

  • Nikki

    Pygmy buffalo! Funny! The college football team Chris & I like, their mascot is the buffalo.  They are the Thundering Herd! Woo!
    The chuck-e-cheese reference made me think of the time we went.  I have pictures of that somewhere! HAH!
    We dont have any interesting animals around here. Just squirrels, the geese that live on the golf course, and this happy family of Cardinals that live in a tree in our backyard. The male likes to sit on our little privacy fence and chirp chirp chirp! He’s so pretty!

  • Nooner™

    At times, I forget the vast differences some of us online friends have in what surrounds us. As in the "plain-like" topography of your state vs mine, and the types of wildlife that are abundant in your state vs. here. Sooooo, I found this to be yet another fascinating post to read and think about. And, once again, I get to break out in a huge laugh as I enjoy another "Toni-ism" in the form of the Jeff Corwin analogy .. lol.

  • Elizabeth

    hmmm…I’m trying to think if there are any interesting animals scurrying around here…only my dog, Whiskey, scurrying around my backyard. 
    It is the desert and I think it’s too hot for anything to want to be out in this heat!! Anyhoo, your blog made me chuckle…I would love to see a prairie dog…I used to read stories about them when I was little and have always wondered what the heck they looked like.
    Take care Tones, Lizzie

  • Sheryl-Ann

    The only animals I see around here are dogs and cats.  There are no such exotic animals on the islands…….thank God!
    Hope you are having a good day.

  • Darcy

    You do have a soft spot for the furries hey?  Those duckies on Saturday were to DIE for!  Later, I realized that I SHOULD have picked that one up and TAKEN HIM HOME!  I’m not allowed to have a cat, because of the ‘allergies’ of my landlords… but no one is allergic to duckies… dammit!  He woulda made a GREAT pet!  GRrr… maybe next Saturday!

  • Antonella

    Thanks for stopping by my space!
    City birds aren’t any smarter! We have pigoens who make nests inside or air conditioners, which is fine in the winter when it’s not on, but not such a good idea in the summer!
    I have never seen any of those animals roaming freely(except maybe the occasional deer on the side of the highway in NJ), the only place I have seen these animals is at a zoo!

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