No Time!

   Real fast:
   Company came yesterday. They’re sleeping. Mia insists on making as much noise as she possibly can. Cheyenne’s trying her best to keep her occupied for a few minutes so I can update. It’s not easy.
   The party went surprisingly well. Actually it was wonderful. No fights broke out, no one cried, no one wanted to go home. Caleb and I stayed up until 2:00 a.m waiting for them to pass out, but 2 didn’t go to sleep until about 4:00. Talk about tired the next day.
   The pots were a big hit with the girls and their parents. We planted some beautiful purple pansies in them the next morning. I highly recommend this birthday activity.
   Cheyenne totally made out like a bandit–the girl has like $200.00. I never, in all my 26 years, have gotten that much cash on my birthday.
   I feel the need to tell you all about this one girl that came to the party. I was just touched by her. She was quiet, her hair looked like it hadn’t been combed in forever, she wore her day clothes to sleep in, and kept them on the next day. Her parents don’t make very much money–which is fine–Cheyenne is very good friends with this girl and simply wanted her to be here, present or none.
   Anyway, the point: The girl gave Cheyenne many, many things that she said were brand new–one of which was something everyone else recognized as a gift their teacher had given her 2 days earlier…she insisted it wasn’t…I felt bad for her. At that age, anything your teacher gives you at the end of school is gold. To give it away 2 days later…that’s a big-hearted gift if you ask me. Anyone can have their mom pick up the latest movie at Wal-mart, or stick a $20 in a card…but this girl gave Cheyenne a bag full of things that must have been extremely special to her. That’s just the greatest gift of all. What a sweetheart.
   I’m sorry to all you guys out there that I haven’t checked on in a while. I will try to make the rounds soon, and I will try to blog a little more regularly…I’ve been "tagged" (Dang it!) so expect an entry about my innermost desires. Yea!
   If you come here and don’t see anything new, check out my sidebars full of really cool people. I just love reading their spaces. The short description I gave each one doesn’t begin to describe how very interesting these folks really are.
   Alright, I’m out cubscout.

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12 responses to “No Time!

  • K

    Sounds like it was  awonderful time…. and how precious is Cheyenne’s friend who gave what she could… from the heart… and didnt hold onto it because it meant something to her.  We can learn a lot from children…. 
    Hope all is well with you… take care of your self!
    Ciao bella,

  • Alicia

    MISS YOU!!  Come back soon….
    HUGS!!!  :)

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…haha yes I tagged you and I have been laughing ever since!!  I thought you deserved it for giving me a hard time 😉
    Wow…the party sounds like it was a hit…and what an incredible friend Cheyenne has…friends like that are keepers as they are totally genuine!  The cake looked brilliant too!
    Take care,

  • Tiffany

    If we all had friends so sweet our world would be such a precious place.  There is so much judgeing these days, and this girl was too sweet for words.  I hope that even as she grows she doesn’t change.

  • Mercy

    I just LOVE that sweet girl to…I love kids with big hearts like that…giving when you can tell they have so little themselves. Reminds me of my daughter giving me all the candy she won @ this arcade in my Mother’s Day card…

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Wow, that snippet about the little girl who gave all her precious gifts really really touched me.  She is a blessing and the Lord will surely bless her ten times over.  There are some grownups who won’t do that, and for a little girl to have the heart to do something so sweet is nothing short of awesome!  There is a lesson in there for us all.
    Back from holiday – back to the grind (sigh).  Hope your week is going well.

  • Sue

    What a sweetheart of a friend!  That is one adorable girl.  Glad the party was a smash!  The pots turned out great from looking at the pics! 
    : )  Sue

  • Laura

    Sounds like you are running around like I have been. Funny how we find so many things that need to get done when we are supposed to be doing something else…
    And the party looked and sounded great. Love the pot/plant idea! Go Mom!

  • barnyardmama

    Thought about you today–wasps are trying to take over my house–I much prefer birds
    Jack rabbits have really big ears–much bigger than regular ears.
    Cheyenne is a cutie–better watch out–she’ll be a teenager before you know it.

  • Alicia

    I’m glad you liked my photos…do I look like what you had imagined??
    HUGS!!  :)

  • Nooner™

    I want you to know I miss you more than Alicia says she does .. lol. What a great gal Alicia is, eh? I’m going to have to go pout on her site ’cause you got pics of her and I didn’t .. lol. I’ll at least get her to give me a pic for my new Photo Album. You need to give me one too. Check it out when you visit next .. you’ll laugh at my silliness of course.
    I’m touched by this young gal too. So nice of you to share that. Great to hear all about the party as well !  You rock as usual.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Toni!
    Loved, loved this entry! Where I am from, there are a lot of kids like that…I think I was one of them. Anyway, I am glad that the party was such a hit, you are such a cool Mama! Can’t wait to read about your inner most desires!
    :) Lizzie

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