TONI 101

I’m still a little short on time, as well as ideas, these days, but I thought I’d repost my Top 100 from back in January…Enjoy, and have a great weekend.
100 THINGS ABOUT ME…(because you just can’t get enough.)
 1. I am not sure I can make it to 100.
 2. I can be somewhat of a space cadet.
 3. I have 3 dogs–two of them I asked for, one I just got without asking.
 4. This is why I think I must be losing my mind.
 5. I get deep enjoyment from children’s cartoons.
 6. I was an Airforce Brat, and proud of it.
 7. I love to paint and draw in obnoxiously bright colors.
 8. My dad got me started running in the seventh grade.
 9. I really only liked it at first because it was something we did together.
10. I wore braces for 3 and a half years.
11. The same years, I had these horrid pink plastic glasses that were too big for my face, along with bad skin and frizzy hair.
12. Surprisingly, I was never bullied or picked on as a child.
13. I have never bullied or picked on anyone else.
14. I once had a long, tearful, and ultimately fatal battle with a South American Chicken Spider that was lurking in Mia’s closet. After 2 hours I trapped it under a pot and left it there for one week for Caleb to dispose of.
15. Sometimes, I exaggerate.
16. I am the extreme opposite of a pack-rat. I throw everything away.
17. I have 2 little sisters.
18. My real name is Antoinette. (Why God, why?)
19. My parents are still married.
20. I think it would be so awesome to live in the trees, like the Ewoks.
21. I shamelessly threw myself at a gay man for over a month.
22. My gaydar sucks. Hard.
23. I can’t hold a grudge. I just don’t care that much for that long.
24. I can remember every outfit I ever wore on every date with Caleb, but I can’t remember when to pay which bills.
25. I lost 60 pounds in the year 2001.
26. I’ve gained close to half of it back since then.
27. I am currently on a diet.
28. I just ate chocolate cake for lunch.
29. I scare easily.
30. I have mad useless-trivia skills.
31. I can be absent-minded.
32. It took me 3 years to get a 2 year degree.
33. I love, love, LOVE girly things.
34. I was a total tomboy as a child.
35. I used to tell my mom I was going to a friend’s house, and then go hiking in the woods for hours by myself.
36. I still love hiking in the woods.
37. My grandfather was the founder/owner/whatever of Tony’s Pizza.
38. I manage to make big messes wherever I go.
39. I love art. Love. Art. Love it.
40. Through art school, I always felt like Britney Spears in a Marilyn Manson world.
41. I have a bad coke habit. Nothing like 72 oz a day of high fructose corn syrup and caffeine. I’ve been soda-sober since Jan 1, 2006.
42. My parents put the fear of God in me when it came to drugs and alcohol.
43. They forgot to mention sex.
44. I got pregnant the first time I ever had sex.
45. I had my baby a month before my 16th birthday.
46. I had more help than anyone in that situation could possibly have.
47. Had I not had a baby, I probably would’ve gotten into worse trouble.
48. The night I met my husband, I was at the club and on the PROWL. He was my prey.
49. Apparently, so was he, and so was I.
50. I didn’t believe in love at first sight or the whole "soulmate" thing until I met him.
51. I honestly think my life is perfect.
52. I secretly love my dogs.
53. I have a bad temper.
54. I am not at all logical.
55. I have a notebook full of "houseplans" that I drew since the 3rd grade.
56. I’ve always wished I could be an architect.
57. I am horrible at math. I stopped being able to help Cheyenne with her math homework last year.
58. I love to make lists. Stupid lists. About anything.
59. I am fascinated when I see my name on a list. Any list.
60. I have an extremely low tolerance for alcohol.
61. I think that’s what attracted Caleb to me.
62. Or it could have been my boob falling out of my shirt the night we met….
63. Sometimes I don’t pay attention. To anything.
64. When I’m not paying attention, I’m thinking about a joke. Or a movie. Or aliens.
65. I always, always have a song running through my head.
66. Right now, it’s "You are the sun, you are the rain…"
67. "whoa….whoa…whooooaaaaa….".
68. I love to laugh. I’ll laugh at anything, anytime, anywhere.
69. I actually liked the movie "Bad Santa".
70. I feel bad for liking it.
71. I love listening to my dad’s stories about his time in the first Gulf War.
72. I love listening to stories about my parents’ childhoods.
73. My biological mother was my aunt. She died a few months ago.
74. I tracked down and met my biological father when I was 19.
75. It was one of the most awesome things in the world to see someone who looked like me.
76. One night in the mountains, Caleb and I fed a billion roast marshmellows to a group of hungry racoons…we didn’t see them the next night.
77. Sometimes I can be insensitive.
78. Sometimes I can be overly sensitive.
79. I was downright mean to my littlest sister.
80. I really admire both of my sisters.
81. I think my mom is the most wonderful woman in the world.
82. I want to have 4 kids.
83. I have 2 girls already.
84. There is 8 years’ difference between them.
85. I was unknowingly part of a plot to steal an original Picasso on a spring break cruise to the Bahamas.
86. I found out over 1 year later when my "friends" were arrested.
87. I am permanently banned from Carnival Cruise Lines.
88. I think that’s pretty cool.
89. I’ve been pulled over more times than I can count, but I’ve never been given a ticket. Suckers.
90. I believe if you’re pretty but drive a P.O.S. car, cops will like you, and have sympathy on you. If you’re pretty and drive a nice car, they will think you’re just a spoiled brat. You can’t have both.
91. I no longer think I’m pretty.
92. I think I’m F*CKING GAWGEOUS.
93. I was born in Pensacola.
94. I spent the first year of my life in the hospital.
95. I was adopted when I was 1.
96. Whitney Houston’s "I wanna Dance with Somebody" is my JAM.
97. It has taken me almost 5 days to write this entire thing. I’m that easily distracted.
98. I would leave my Christmas tree up year round if I could.
99. I would love to have my own stationary/gift shop one day.
100.I’m pretty sure #67 doesn’t count, so here’s one more:
101.The most ideal place to live for me would be Guntersville, Alabama, right on the lake and in between the mountains, where I could hike and fish and have campfires all the time.

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13 responses to “TONI 101

  • Sue

    Great 101 girl, but…  now we want you to EXPAND on each and every point to really know what made you crazy!  yeah, I’m not kidding.  DO it.  NOW! 
    : )  Sue

  • barnyardmama

    Girl, Whitney is the best.  Four kids?  Seems excessive–of course, I have none.
    Did your boob really fall out of your shirt?  Really?  And how about that Carnival Cruise thing?  True?  You must tell all.

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Wow Toni, I didn’t think you would get to 100 but you did.  I am not sure that I have 101 things to say about me….guess that makes me very boring (smile).  I like 68 and 69 – they both could be on my list as well (smile).

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…in honour of your top 100 + 1…
    #6 I was a Navy Brat
    #10 Uh huh…2 years
    #70 Don’t feel bad…I LMAO…of course without my cousin’s kids in the room!
    #97 I still haven’t made my list yet…way ahead of me
    #87 Very impressed! 
    And your best entry…..
    #51 yes it is!…I aspire (secretly) to have your life!;)   This admission will self destruct in 10 seconds from your blog…;)
    Take care,

  • Tiffany

    This is a great list.  The best part is that you are always you.  The same Toni we have all known and loved.  Be careful on those cruises, and you might want to be a little more picky about who you go with.  Keep painting.  I am glad you do love your dogs.  All in all you are just great.  Maybe I will give a top 100.  I don’t know if there is that much stuff to know about me.  =) Tiffany

  • K

    Girl… you are da best!  I howled reading your list… all over the place… crazy minds think alike… loved it!
    You can be and are on my list… any time!
    Truly awesome!  I’m working on Part Deux of my list… it’s taking a lot longer than I thought… LOL
    Ciao bella,

  • BootCamp Princess

    This is my favorite 101 list to date… including mine… and I love me!
    Please please PLEASE tell the cruiseline story… PLEASE? 
    Take care

  • Alicia

    LOVE IT!!  I LMAO @ # 67!!
    Hope you are surviving your company!!
    HUGS!!  :)

  • Dennis

    This was totally hilarious the way you describe things… and also soooo revealing …even beyond the boob thing.  I loved it.

  • Laura

    Unfortunately, that dream was not alcohol induced… It may have been the Three Musketeers bar I had in class. I had another crazy dream the night before when I had some Laffy Taffy while watching BMac’s karate class.
    hmm.. I am seeing a connection here!

  • Nooner™

    You have me in stitches again .. lol.
    lol @ "they forgot to mentiion sex"
    lol @ "long, tearful, and ultimately fatal battle"
    lol @ "I’m pretty sure #67 doesn’t count so …"
    lol @ can "we" throw in some hot chocolate .. lol.
    I’ve actually woken up a few times realizing I’m actually dreaming about that .. lol.
    I didn’t really like doing A Peek at my 101, but will follow your advice and finish it one day soon. Thanks for the vote of confidence!
    In a couple hours I publish my 8 different points that make up my perfect lover. I was uneasy writing that one too .. lol. I find it hard to hold back and not say it the way I’m thinking it .. lol.
    Cheyenne’s a doll .. I love the party pics!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Toni, After reading this I think that you are my long lost sister. I really do have one. Can you be her?  This is by far the best 101 list I have ever read!
    Love ya girl, Lizzie

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