Not So Much Today.

   Sorry to overwhelm anyone with sadness there on that last one. I’m a little better today. I don’t know what helped.
   I talked with Caleb. I have an appointment Monday with my doctor to see if this isn’t just a simple hormone problem–and I have a feeling it is.
   It’s not like I’m sad about any one thing–in fact, I’m not really sad at all. Just TENSE. Like when you’re so mad you can’t even stand yourself, except minus the mad. And for some reason, I’m fine around the kids. They seem to have no effect on my…state.
   I’ve been in such a bad mood that I’ve completely funkdafied my guests–now they’re mopey and tired as well. This afternoon, we’re all going to a ballgame in the city, and hopefully that’ll cheer everyone up.
   Hope everyone else is having a super-figgity fantastic weekend!

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19 responses to “Not So Much Today.

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, I am glad that you are kind of feeling better today.  I guess we all feel like that sometimes, but the fact that you said crazy people run in  your family has me a little concerned.  I am not freaking out but maybe you should go to the doctor – I am sure it’s a hormonal imbalance.  Women are just built that way, you know.  We feel crappy for no reason – why does that not happen to men?
    Hope you enjoy the ballgame with your family and friends.  Blessings!

  • Sue

    let us know what the doctor says girl! 
    : ) Sue

  • K

    I know that feeling… I have just been hiding it for a while… I know mine is related to hormones – or should I say amplified by hormones.  But there is something in the air… you can’t deny it.  Let’s hope it passes soon….
    Take care… and check in hun… we care… I care.
    Ciao bella,

  • Nikki

    I sent you an email about your post the other day. Did you get it?
    I’m glad to see you are feeling better and have taken steps to figure out the cause…:)

  • naughty

    Don’t be too quick to blame it on the hormones. I did for a long while and that wasnt it at all. Your doctor should be checking for things like depression and mania also. And don’t forget your thyroid!!
    You are at the right age for all those things.
    Good luck… write if you want.

  • Laura

    Well, it is good you’re going to a doctor just to see what is up. I get in really deep ‘moods’ too. That is what I call them. I could have a dozen great things happen to me, but for some reason, I can find something wrong with all of that. I used to be much meaner… I used to get dragged to dinners w/ my (then, future) in-laws, and I would be so bitchy and cold to them. I hated myself. I know it can be so frustrating. You want to tell people it really isn’t them you are mad at, but your actions negate anything you could say to them. I’m feeling for you right now. You have to let us know what happens. Sometimes a good ol fashioned screaming/crying session can get those negative feelings out…but not around the dogs.. :)

  • Dennis

    This sounds so strange for someone so young.  I hope an accurate diagnosis can be made.  The good thing is that you want something done about it.  I will keep an eye on you by coming by for updates.  Please keep us posted.

  • Tiffany

    I am glad you are better.  To answer the question you sent..Alia is like A-leigh-a.  Like the singer, Aaliyah.  I just spelled it short and simple.  Smile…it makes the day a little better.

  • Nooner™

    Oh, Toni …
    I hurt now. I’m glad you are feeling better today, but I just read both the Saturday and Sunday posts just now and I’m sad for my online friend.  For a lift, please think about all the online friends of yours leaving comments. You mean a lot to us .. I know you do to me .. You’ve been one of the nicest people to me on here .. I just love ya.
    I came by to be my silly online self and direct you to my last blog, but I changed my tune and feel for you right now. I will anxiously await to hear what the doctor reports to you today .. sounds simple enough that it can be handled with a Rx. We all go through these times, Sweetie!!! It will soon pass!!

  • Sue

    Just checking girl to make sure you’re doing okay.  Check in when you can.
    : ) sue

  • Darcy

    HI Honey!
    I came to check and see if the DR said anything helpful.  I went back at Christmas when i was feeling this way, and he was a dink, so I hope that it goes better for you.  Don’t let them tell you it’s an ‘attitude thing’ and that it’s all in your head (no pun intended).  I hope that the sun is shining in your world and that you can try to overcome and take yourself outside… maybe out the back door so the birdies don’t swarm you from the front…
    Love you!

  • Sandy

    It is possiably depression. I’ve been through it. Several times

  • Sue

    Toni, definitely check out link Katy sent you.  I did.  Makes sense.  Hope you are doing okay.  Thoughts and prayers are with you girl.
    : ) Sue

  • barnyardmama

    OK, so I realize that I called you hot stuff in my last post–I’m not a feak–I call people that all the time in real life, but in writing–I look like a weirdo.
    Hope you’re doing better.

  • TexasGirlJen

    I have one word for you:
    You are a busy tired wife and mom….and it’s a tougher world today than ever before.

  • Nooner™

    Hi Toni,
    What great comments to you from everyone!
    Like the rest of the crowd, I’m anxiously awaiting word from My Toni about how you are doing this week!!!!!!!

  • K

    Toni… hope all is well with you and that things are slowly coming back to normal.  We miss you… and wish you good health.  Come back soon… but only when you are ready!
    Take care bella,

  • LH

    What you are going through is completely understandable.  Believe me I can relate.  Jenn calls it Zoloft I call Cymbalta.   lol  If you notice from my last post I am feeling much of the same way.  Atlas maybe it is time for me to go back to my Dr as well for a refill   😉

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