Happy Father’s Day to everyone that is a dad…Here’s a list in honor of mine.
  1. His patience–You won’t find a more patient person. Not many men can live in a house full of women and keep their sanity…wait. Maybe that explains why my dad acts so goofy sometimes.
  2. His quirkiness–Star Trek. An obsession with Chinese resteraunts. Riding his bike down a busy road without a helmet in the blazing hot sun for hours. Ahh. That’s my dad.
  3. His lectures–This could generate a whole other entry…or two. My dad gives me and my sisters lectures. Long ones. Sort of like the dad on the "American Pie" movies. I have most of them memorized, and now that I’m older, I find they contain some real pearls of wisdom. The other day, he gave me the mother of all pep-talks. I love listening to him. I wish I had done it more when I was younger.
  4. Our talks–Entirely different from lectures. When my dad opens up and tells me about his childhood, or his time in the military, it’s very special to me. I remember one day Caleb asked him about the Gulf War. His eyes lit up and he ran to the attic to get his prized possessions–pictures, medals…we spent almost 2 hours hearing stories–truly interesting ones–from my dad. I saw a different side of him. It was pretty cool.
  5. His…I don’t know what to call it–My dad grew up the oldest of four children. His mother was deaf and his dad wasn’t the greatest of role models, to put it nicely. I can only imagine what growing up must have been like for him. And yet, he has managed to overcome and is now quite possibly the best dad in the world.
  6. His weak spots–I think all of our pets throughout the years were strays that my dad said would never be allowed in our house. Whatever. He ended up loving those animals more than anyone else in the family. The softy.
  7. His birthday–4th of July is great, but it’s even better when there’s a birthday party complete with a Boston Creme Pie to enjoy before the fireworks.
  8. His caring–Oh, how this man loves to help people. Anyone, anytime, anyplace. He’s got your back, whether he knows what he’s doing or not.
  9. Everything–You know, I’m finding that one single list doesn’t begin to do justice to the man that adopted me, raised me, and loved me all my life. I feel stupid for even trying to describe him. In my mind, my dad has no faults–the man could do no wrong. He’s smart. He’s gentle. He’s funny. He’s supportive. He’s devoted (still married to my mommy after28 years), and to me, he’s one of the greatest men that ever lived…

   The end–I love you, Dad.


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