Well, I couldn’t write about it as I owed my dad his own special Father’s Day entry, but yesterday officially kicked off 
   Yes, that’s right. Week. What–What.
   On June 23rd, at the stroke of approximately 12:31 p.m., I, Toni, will be 26 YEARS OLD. And it will be the hour of Toni. And all the world will be abuzz with joy and delight, and no one was ever sad or hungry. And angels in pretty pink dresses sang, they sang songs of praise, praise to the newly-26 Toni on high…
   For those of you who weren’t aware, the best day of the year is fast approaching. I expect no less than a humongous congratu-freakin’-lations from all of you. I’ve already gotten a brand new pink and white bike, compliments of my husband. In addition to this bike, though not neccessarily meant to be my presents, I’ve recieved a seat to put on the back of my bike for Mia to ride in, and a helmet for Mia to wear. This has so far been the best gift. I have already ridden (rode?) the bike with Mia in tow twice, once yesterday afternoon, and again this morning. I find it to be quite satisfactory.
  Know this: I am not ashamed of getting older. In fact, I would like to get rid of the "aging" label once and for all, replacing it with words like "evolving", "growing"…and hopefully in my case, "getting much, much smarter."
   Birthdays are great. I don’t care how old I get. This is my day, damnit, my day. Get me pancakes. Buy me a bike. Pick me a flower. Tell me I’m pretty. Sing me a song. But most importantly, get me pancakes.
   Seriously, I love having birthdays. If I was to start hating them just because I was one step closer to 30, or 40, or whatever God gives me the luxury of turning, how would I view the rest of my life? Would I dread it, too? No. Not me. Especially now that I’m taking normal pills. My life is going to be a big fat hunka birthday cake from here on out.

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11 responses to “LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN

  • Nikki

    The best day of the year is coming up soon! June 29th! hahaha
    I’m not looking forward to my birthday…it sucks celebrating alone.

  • Gamma

    Oh my you are pretty;-) Happy birthday for the 23rd!!

  • K

    As 50 cent so eloquently rapped… "we’re gonna party like it’s yur burtday ….. we’re gonna drink bicardi like it’s yur burtday…. cuze we  don’t give a f— if it’s not your burtday…"
    Well you get the gist!  Smile gorgeous becuase the angels did indeed bless the world with your presence the day you were born…
    Happy birthday week bella!

  • Unknown

    GET OUT!!!!!
    I don’t know if you noticed this on my blog, but my birthday is on Friday, too June 23!
    Um, but I am not turning 26, sadly.
    Try 34.
    I got my gift yesterday. I couldn’t wait to open it — I know, I know… It was a diamond ring! I couldn’t believe it. It’s not huge or anything — just simple… and pretty. So he scored a point or two this week
    Yea on the bike… that sounds so cool! You can take your pink cooler with you!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, you had me laughing for the first time today.  Happy Birthday!  I don’t have to tell you to enjoy the entire week because the celebrations have already begun!  HOORAY FOR TONI!  All the best!

  • Andrea

    Glad to see you. I hope all is well.  I am glad I am not the only one that is just happy to BE.  I am glad I will get the chance to get older.  I can only hope I age more gracefully than my mother did.  She went from Fab to Drab overnight.  She said it was a decision she made and is happier now.  Okay then why are you b****y?  Enjoy the bike and hopefully you have a better area for biking than we do here. 

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…not quite sure but are you trying to tell us it’s YOUR BIRTHDAY COMING UP??? ROFLMAO  girl you make me howl!!
    I will officially declare myself on holidays and enforce festivities on my native country as well…I will force myself to drink all week in your honour…but I will not ride a pink bike!;)
    Happy prebirthday!

  • miranda

    Happy almost birthday! See, you know how to do birthday’s right! I’ve always believed you should get AT LEAST a week of all about me-ness.
    Your bike sounds awesome! I was going to get a pink cruiser for Christmas last year, but we got matching bikes (so old school, I know) and my husband refused to be caught dead on a bright pink Schwinn… So enjoy your’s double for all of us girls out there that secretly want a pink princess bike…

  • Aaron

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY UPCOMING!Hey thanks for stopping by my site and commenting.  I’m glad that my site is right up your alley, it’s nice to have people that like what I’m writing.  Thanks for your kind comments, it’s comments like yours that make it worth writing all this stuff, lol.  Please keep coming back and if you want feel free to add my site to your blogs list here on your site.I really like your site, and would like to add it to my site.  Come back and tell me if that’s ok with you.Aaron.

  • barnyardmama

    Well, I’m glad you like your birthday–I’ve never really been a fan.  I try to keep it low-key because somehow the magical day was always a bit disappointing.
    Normal pills–a good way of putting it!

  • Laura

    so much to say!!! I agree, June 23rd is the best day of the year. THE BEST. re: your comment– (on the shoes thing) I am imagining you in 6 inch heels strutting down the friggin grocery aisles with a whole desperate houswives thing going on. Then I see you pumping the gas, but treating it like it was a photo shoot… you sassy girl! LMAO.
    Oooh, I have to steal the birthday background. Please? Thank you!
    Um, what else?!? Oh! The pink and white bike… do you have shoes to match? That would be too perfect! And, match Mia to the theme. Too cute. Ooohhh! I changed my mind – she can wear that adorable monkey costume. I love monkeys. Especially with the big ears and that adorable face!
    One last thing… love the b-day demands! Pick me a flower damnit! Now make me some GD pancakes. Now kiss the princess… I think you and I share more than just a birthday!

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