More Birthday Bruhaha

   Perhaps I need to explain. The Week of Toni began Sunday, June 18th, and will continue on through Saturday, June 24th, with a climax on Friday, June 23rd, the 26th anniversary of my birth. I hope that cleared things up a bit.
   I also feel the need to have you know I am having to share my special day with two other people you should check out: Freckled Sasha and Texas Girl Jenn. I won’t reveal their age on my site, but nevertheless, I can’t be a total June 23rd hog, so I’m giving them birthday props. There. Now that’s done.
   For those of you who are baffled by my birthday enthusiasm, know this: I am baffled by your birthday un-enthusiasm. Why? Why, I ask, do you dread the most wonderful, self-important day of the year? I have to know. And the older you become, the more important you are–I really believe that. I will now enchant you with a few charming anecdotes about the wonderful women in my family.
  1. My Great-Grandma: This lady amazes me. Here the woman is, ninety-some-odd years old, and STILL LIVING ALONE. Granted, she did stop driving herself all over town a few years back, but she’s as independant as ever. She delights in pushing a buggy through the local K-Mart, and orders a bourbon and water with a steak whenever she goes to a resteraunt (I think she enjoys shocking the waitress). This woman is truly my idol.
  2. My Grammy: I like her attitude. After seventy+ years of having birthdays, this woman can drop hints like no other, by way of, oh, e-mailing her wish list to everyone a good 2 weeks ahead of time. I must take notes from this one.
  3. My Mommy: She groans and complains a little bit whenever the big day rolls around, but deep down, I think she looks foward to her birthday, even if all she gets is a few cards and a paid day off from work. She looks freakin’ fabulous for her age and has the boundless energy of a hyper-active 2-year-old.

   I have no special plans for Friday–if by special one means dinner and a movie or clubbing with friends. But I still intend on having the best 26th birthday a girl with a fabulous husband, 2 sweet, adorable little girls, 3 rowdy dogs, and a far-off-town full of family and friends can have. This will probably include:

  • a handmade card or two
  • a bacon and pancake breakfast for four
  • no dish duty!!!
  • a trek through the woods
  • phone calls from friends and family
  • a dance party in the living room, courtesy of Cheyenne’s Crazy Frog cd.
  • a hot bubble bath with or without Caleb
  • a slapstick comedy
  • an early bedtime that does not neccessarily include sleep

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13 responses to “More Birthday Bruhaha

  • miranda

    I love hearing about amazing women. I have one for you: my grandma. My grandma began losing her eye sight when she was in her 30’s. It gradually got worse until she lost it completely about 15 years ago. She raised 3 (!) boys on her own during this time. She makes a few thousand tamales from scratch every winter, by herself. Last time I went to see here, about 2 months ago, I walk in and she’s KNITTING tiny blankets, beanies and booties for the premature babies at the local hospital. She was on her 72nd set. My jaw pretty much dropped to the floor…

    Anyway, since this isn’t MY blog I’m writing on I’ll end this now. Happy Birthday Eve.


  • Michael

    Helllooo Birthday Girl…just popping in to let you know the festivities are in full swing…had a few beers and sang a few songs in your honour last night…and yes I would say my neighbor qualifies as a whack job…

  • barnyardmama

    Sounds like a perfect birthday to me.  A while back I started planning my own celebrations and those are always much better. 
    Your great-granny might be my idol too.
    I now have to respond to the comments you left over at Sasha’s: Hooray for getting down to old skool rap!  Love it. Love it. Love it.  My Hub is all about the Humpty Dance and I don’t care as long as I can shake it!  Yay!!!!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Okay Toni, I have been having Coronas all week long in your honor.  I am now switching to Heineken Light, and tomorrow I am having dinner with a friend plus margaritas galore all in your honor (smile).
    I love your enthusiasm!  Woohhhhhoooooo!

  • K

    It’s nice to have idols!!!  I will be out having more than a few drinks for yer on yer birthday Toni…. Gin and Gingerales…. and maybe a shot or two of Tequila Rose… hhhmmmmm hhmmmm good… and then I will send out my letter as it is posted on my space…..
    Ciao bella,

  • ThirtySomethingWoman

    Happy Early Birthday – I’m sure it will be a wonderful time. 
    Hope to see you stop by my space to say hi sometime.  😉

  • Darcy

    Vancouver will be celebrating your birthday via me!
    I haven’t been by in a while… been a little caught up in my own drama, but I’m so excited for your birthday!  The adgenda sounds fantastic!  I was ALSO born at 12:31pm… that’s cool!
    HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!  I know it’s a bit early, but really, can you ever say it too much?
    Loving you birthday girl!

  • Karla

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m with you; I always love when my birthday rolls around (my friends would argue I love it a little too much). Although, at least now I wait until the week before instead of 2 months before to start making plans. Hope you have a fabulous birthday week.

  • miranda

    Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope this coming year brings you all good things.

  • K

    Drink and be Merry!  Celebrate your life and all it’s infinite possibilities!
    Ciao bella,

  • barnyardmama

    Happy Birthday, hot stuff!  I hope you’re enjoyng yourself thoroughly.

  • Dennis and Liz

    Happy Bday my sis-n-law! I hope today and all of your days are WONDERFUL!!!! Take care and make each moment count! Much love to you and yours!!!

  • Laura

    Happy Birthday to you!!
    So far, I have gotten some cards, some delicious lotion and shampoo, and an edible arrangement of strawberries dipped in chocolate… and the fun hasn’t even began! I have dinner tonight, and dancing is inevitable!
    You have a great one, too!!!!!!

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