I’ve become a lazy blogger recently. I can’t help it–the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bike is calling my name…

   I’ve also had a few important things on my calender to take care of, believe it or not. I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment yesterday, which went extremely well. Looks like the medication has put me on the fast track to sanity–the doctor was not the least bit surprised with my quick turn-around, and said that it often happens that way when one’s brain chemicals are really out of whack.
   So I’m a Lexapro-popper now.
   Today we will be picking Cheyenne up from camp. I haven’t heard from her all week–not even a letter! So I’m more than ready to see her. I don’t know if I can handle this again. I hope she had a good time.
   Mia has enjoyed the attention while SISSAAAAY’s been gone. She’s been living it up in Cheyenne’s room, laying in Cheyenne’s cozy bed, watching Cheyenne’s Mermaid movie (Aquamarine)…But she’s certainly ready for the girl to get back home, telling me over and over that she’s going to "give sissy BIIIIG HUG!" whenever we pick her up.
   I talked to my sisters this week–one’s getting married in October to a fabulous man, and the other is "taking a break" from her robotic, un-emotional boyfriend. The engaged one and I got to talking about the seperated one’s paused relationship and then it got me thinking about my own relationship with my husband. Here are a list of wonderful things he has said to me this week:
  1. "You have the coordination of a drunk, gimp cat." In response to my "I have the coordination of a cat." Does this man know me, or does this man know me?
  2. "That other baby in the resteraunt looked like a big stupid monkey." Actually, he says this about almost every baby other than his own, only sometimes he substitutes big stupid monkey with "troll", or "ugly potato"…
  3. "Would you like some beer to go with your tent, my princess?" This was his loving question to me an hour after I had mentioned my deepest desire to build the mother of all tents out of blankets and chairs and spend the night in it. I had forgotten the comment entirely and went to take a shower. When I got out, there he was, ready and waiting to build my dream tent and hang out with me on the floor, messed up back and all. We ate and drank and watched Fun With Dick and Jane before falling asleep in our living room-hideout. Sure, he bailed at about 5:00 a.m, but he gave it what he had.

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  • Andrea

    He sounds like fun.  Marriage is the best Institution I can think of.  See it even sounds like nut house.  I guess that is why I fit right in.  I am glad your check up went well.  I do know how you feel and felt.  I guess we got what we were needing.  Take care and have a blast now that your Big Girl is back.

  • miranda

    So glad you’ll be your whole family again, this week must have felt like an eternity! I almost spit out water when I read the big stupid monkey baby comment. I’m going to be sadly disappointed if I don’t here those exact words from my husband someday. I think pride in your children is healthy. Haha. ; )

    And, about that starting a website, I’m not so sure. I think, even if it’s clearly anti-Zardoz, we’d be bringing WAY too much attention to a movie that supremely sucks. I don’t want some misguided moron to read the site and actually want to SEE FOR HIMSELF if the movie is really that bad….I can’t sleep at night knowing I’d be responsible for his viewing of this atrocity…even if he IS a moron in the first place….

  • Sheryl-Ann

    That was a really sweet entry.  You have a lovely husband!  I am sure your daughter is excited to see you all as well…….she was too busy to write so she must have had fun.  Enjoy the weekend and Happy 4th of July!

  • Sue

    What a guy!  I’m telling Dweeb and throw some guilt his way.
    Hope Cheyenne got home okay.  I KNOW how much you missed her.
    Glad you’re back.  I missed reading you girl.  It’s so hard right now to get around to everyone and my list keeps growing.  I’m about to implode! 
    Have a great day!


    We just got into your web site and reviewed the pictures…..fun to look at! How do we get pictures from past months ie. Mar or Jan

  • Kim

    Camping in the living room, I can handle that.  No bugs, running water, electricity …yeah that’s the way to go! 

  • Nooner™

    Did ya set up the Port-a-Potty inside or outside the tent? .. lol
    Congrats on the quick-turnaround, Toni !

  • Casey & Phillip

    Hey girl, I’m so happy your back to "normal". The tent sounds like great fun. Love and miss you!

  • Darcy

    You guys sound so cool!  I’m so happy for you that Caleb plays along… that’s my heart hope.. is that eventually I’ll find someone that humors me! :)
    Take care!

  • Nikki

    Hey girl, Thanks for calling me on my birthday.  Did you ever get the card I mailed you? I know it was like super late…but, I kept forgetting to buy stamps. haha. 
    I’m sooo glad you found such a wonderful guy. Maybe one day we can live next door to one another.  Little white houses with picket fences, 2 cats in the yard….life used to be…oh, wait. no.  haha.  It’d be neat to at least live in the same freaking state again!!!

  • Laura

    you’re so cute… a tent! I haven’t done that since I was ten. I used to love it until it got all hot in there (no circulation!). How fabulous!
    My bro-in-law calls kids ‘ankle-biters’… but I like ‘ugly monkey’
    That’s funny!

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