I’ve been so busy writing about the loss of my own sanity, building parent-tents, and birdies with death-wishes, that I’ve neglected to write about the really important stuff in my life: my kiddos.
   Mia is a child that can’t pronounce her "R’s". She is a child that just recently dropped her nighttime bottle but won’t give up that pacifier. Her little baby thighs are so muscular that Arnold’s would look like chicken legs in comparison. Heights are not a problem for Mia; she has no fear.
   Mia will read the books Jamberry and Olivia over and over again. She wants her toenails painted blue so that she can look just like "Aquamarine". She will skip the pool and head straight for the huge mud puddle on the side of the yard, and splash in it for hours in her beautiful new pink and purple bathing suit that she threw a fit at Target to have.
   Mia is a child that at upon first meeting you, she will stare at you intensely before either waving shyly or screaming in terror. She is the kind of kid that people literally stop what they are doing just to look at her and exclaim, "Dear God! That little girl should be in modeling!"
   Cheyenne is the young lady that will smile in adoration and pride for her little sister when people ignore her and fawn over Mia. Cheyenne is the girl that will read Jamberry and Olivia over and over again to her. She (semi)-willingly gives Mia any prized stuffed animal she has her eyes on.
   Cheyenne is tall and skinny and tan and blonde. She is at an age where it’s hard for her to control her ridiculously long arms and legs, and she still, thankfully, thinks boys are the dumbest things to ever walk the face of the Earth. She’s made a lot of friends and is involved in a lot of activities, but has not let anything knock her off her straight-A streak.
   Cheyenne is my bike-riding buddy. Cheyenne will build LEGO houses with me. And she loves a good peanut-butter and sprinkles sandwich.
   That’s a little bit about my girls and where they are right now at this particular point in time of their life. I need to completely update weekly because they grow and change so fast. I don’t understand people who say they don’t want kids. But then, I can’t remember NOT having kids–I do know that the girls bring so much joy and love to my life, and I look foward to the day, whenever it may be, that the next part of our family can join in the fun.

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6 responses to “THE ONE ABOUT THE GIRLS

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Happy 4th of July to you and your wonderful family!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

  • Kim

    Happy 4th of July!!!

  • Nooner™

    Toni, youir kids are precious!  Happy Fourth of July to you and them and Caleb!

  • Laura

    so sweet… that p-butter and sprinkles sandwich sounds dee-lightful. Maybe because I am very hungry, and there is limited food in this household, as always.
    I love hearing about your kids. Mia sounds like a mess… you are doing  great job with the little Queen of the house, I am sure!
    And Cheyenne sounds like the best big sister ever. She is so beautiful, too… she is just in that akward stage. She has a great mommy to help her realize how wonderful things really are in her life.
    and, as far as not wanting kids… it doesn’t mean I can’t admire from a distance. I love LOVE kids, but I know myself, and that’s all I have to say about that! Hope you had a great 4th!

  • Alicia

    I remember what not having a kid was like…but I’m SO much happier now!!
    I like the new theme here, Toni!!
    HUGS!!  :)

  • Sue

    I miss those days so much Toni!  You and Cheyenne are going to be great buds like me and Blondie.  I can tell. 
    Don’t feel bad about not writing about the girls.  This is your spot and your time.  They have you 24/7.  Sometimes we just need to throw it out there. 
    Have a good one girl.
    : ) Sue

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