The Wonderful Life of a Toddler

   Mia is a freakin’ riot. We are never at a loss for entertainment around my house.
   Everyday she does at least one thing that literally amazes me. The most recent surprise came from watching her play with her plastic naked baby doll. She made it dance. She threw fake food at it and commanded it to eat. She tucked it into the big girl bed, read it a book (sort of) and threatened it with a spanking when it didn’t go to sleep.
   I’ve been looking foward to, and sort of dreading, this day. You learn so much about your parenting style and the way your children view you once they start playing "mom" with their babies or stuffed animals. Does she really see me that way? Am I that…tough? Wow.
   Mia marches around the house like she owns the place. Her walk is confident and determined. Her demands are almost always met. I don’t remember Cheyenne being this diva-ish.
   I love kids this age. Their honesty, their spunk. The way they do exactly what they feel. I watched Mia the other day with Caleb’s birthday cake. Once she plowed through her small piece, she reached straight over to the mothership and snagged some chocolate icing–"Yummmm!"–and offered some to Caleb and I. See? That’s something I ALWAYS want to do with birthday cake. She sings when she feels like it, sleeps when she’s sleepy, and gives a big, hearty laugh whenever something strikes her funny. When she doesn’t like someone, she doesn’t smile at them, or even try to make nice. When she wants something, no obstacle will keep her from it. 2-year-olds are real. Why can’t we all be that way?
   Repetition: I think it’s just something you have to get used to with kids–the repeated reading of a book, the song you sing again and again, the same question asked a billion times. Mia is in a stage right now where it’s the same thing…over and over and over.
   Today it’s been the "Moon Moon Moon" song from the "Laurie Berkner Band" DVD. Cheyenne and I are on the verge of tears. If we have to do the "moon" motions one more time…
   We’ve read Olivia until we’re blue in the face. Granted, it’s a cute story about a cute pig, and the illustrations aren’t obnoxious or anything…but geez.
   She wants to wear her dingy, old sandals everyday even though I have bought her these awesome blue sparkly ones…You get the idea. The child does not like to change things up.
   Her birthday is next month, and I’m wondering what to do for it. There’s not really anyone that we would invite to a 2-year-old birthday party up here…Caleb’s dad is going to fly in for a few days to help celebrate, so that will be nice. I just feel bad because Cheyenne’s birthdays were always big family affairs–full-blown parties with swimming and cake and people and presents. Mia of course, seems content, with just the 4 of us…I’ll figure out something fun.
   Hope everyone is enjoying the week so far.

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8 responses to “The Wonderful Life of a Toddler

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…yes your comments have been QUITE tame lately…I was actually worried that maybe you were going soft on me!;)haha
    Listen…Spice World…yeah my sister has it and I have been forced to watch it a few times with her and her friends…so Liz can throw what ever test she wants at me…I’m ready.  On a side note…probably one of the most whacked out movies I have ever sat through with or without alcohol…
    Take care,

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, before you know it, Mia will be having a bunch of friends over for huge birthday parties. They grow up very quickly so maybe you should just enjoy those tame birthday parties while you can (smile).  Caleb’s birthday cake looks really good, by the way:)

  • barnyardmama

    I gave you a shout-out today in my blog (Cheesy, I know).  Fits in nicely with your blog topic.

  • K

    Awwhhh… Mia is indeed wonderful!!!  What a wonderful age that is!
    Ciao bella,

  • Nooner™

    I love the "living room after a tent"!
    I absolutely loved hearing about the tent campout .. and now totally love how u captured it in pics!
    Mia rocks. I totally love her.
    So odd to say being just an online friend of yours, but you have a special way of talking on blogs about your family that I find so soothing and real and that I sometimes think I’m kind of really a friend of you. Online can be cool in that way, yet I get a tinge of sadness at times too because it will be nothing more than knowing a name and location of a person who seems nice, yet you will never get to really know.
    Perhaps I’m thinking too much at a late hour. I should head to bed. I’m down in Pennsylvania (down, meaning I’m south of my normal home in New England as u know from our lengthy friendship) for a bit, but will return home on Friday or Saturday. I just haven’t decided when yet.

  • Sue

    Mia totally ROCKS!  Just have bday with your family.  She won’t remember it.  Save the big parties for when she’s older.  THat will come soon enough. 
    Mia with her dolls reminds me of Blondie.  One night I went in to see why she had turned her light back on when she was supposed to be in bed.  I look in and she has her shirt up over her head and the doll’s face is pressed into her chest.  She told me the baby was hungry and had to eat before she would go to sleep.  What the heck do you say to that??   LOVE IT!  MISS IT!
    : ) Sue

  • Andrea

    She is two.  The big parties are not needed yet.  Yes they are fun but it is better to just have a good time than to get stressed over it.  In time you will olook back and treasure the small party.  How you really got to pay attention.  And how she loved what she got.  Soon she will only want her friends and will not want any family parties.  Our boys now act like they just want to be alone with the friends.  I know it is normal for their age.  For D’s b-day he did not want a cake.  Well he got one anyway.  He had fun with a family party and a few friends.  But we had to just do it without his help.  Have a great time. 

  • Laura

    She does sound like a role model. Being real, now that’s a concept! I can’t remember the last time I was able to do exactly what I wanted when the feeling was there. What a life!!!

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