What The Heck I’ve Been Doing

   Fast, fast, fast. I’ve got food to eat and a bike to ride. Oh, and kids to take care of.
   This weekend has been no less than great. I’m trying right now to think of everything we’ve done, but my mind is sort of racing at the moment.
   Caleb is trying to distract me by sending on a CD hunt,…
   And he was successful.
   Alright, he’s gone. Geez.
   Friday…we did not much. Cheyenne had a birthday party to go to that evening, which turned out to be freakin’ hilarious. The party was held at a local beauty salon/funky diva store, and the girls walked out of that place looking like a million bucks.
   And it is 4 days later and I’m finally finishing this up.
   We went to a Softball World Cup game Saturday night in Oklahoma City–it was the neatest thing ever to be at–apparently they make a pretty big deal about it–I’ve caught it running on ESPN over the past few days–Mikey would be so proud of me. A real ballgame! We went with Cheyenne’s softball team and got to watch the US bring dishonor to China, but we left before the Australia vs. Japan game. It was getting late, and Mia was getting tired. And mommy was bugging out from all the people and noise there–Good Gravy were there a lot of people there. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I practically threw Mia into her carseat and hyperventilated the entire ride home. I calmed down later on that night and Caleb and I watched reruns of Nip/Tuck until 2:00 a.m. Good times, good times.
   Been riding the bike. Going to the girly doctor, who is soooo cutely pregnant. Catching up with old friends. Reading books, swimming in our 20 inch-deep pool. Getting a great tan. Life’s been good. Really good. I’m going to go now and see if I can stand outside without getting scorched. Is it just Oklahoma, or is it insanely hot everywhere?

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8 responses to “What The Heck I’ve Been Doing

  • Sheryl-Ann

    It’s insanely hot all over and I am about to go postal (smile)!  Sounds like you have been quite busy enjoying the summer with your family. I watched a bit of the softball on ESPN – I would have loved to have gone to a game!  The USA won the cup last night by beating Japan.
    Not much going on here in TX……the heat is killing us down here.  My sister is visiting for the first time and she said she is never coming back (hahahaha).  Poor girl……never experienced triple digit temps before.
    Take care and keep on having fun up there in OK.  Be sure to slather the entire family with suncreen.

  • K

    Hey… she’s still alive!  You are busy busy busy lady!  But you do sound like you are in good spirits – and that is wonderful.
    Take good care of yourself my dear!
    Ciao bella,

  • Nooner™

    Hi Toni,
    It is always a tremendous pleasure to read your writing. When I do, I imagine I am listening to your voice because your choice of words and timing is always so good.  As in the things you have been doing and then come the words "swimming in our 20-inch deep pool" .. LOL.
    Well, I was going to write more, but my phone just rang and I have to look up some information on homes for one of my clients. You take care, Okies?

  • barnyardmama

    A twenty-inch pool?  I’m confused, but jealous–it is a lap pool?
    Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun, yes, it’s insanely hot everywhere–I’ve been sweating and that NEVER happens.

  • Sue

    Woo Hoo!  Glad to know you are alive!
    IT’S FRIGGIN HOT EVERYWHERE!  102 tomorrow and 104 on Thursday.
    Have a blast!  Keep working on that tan! come back when you can stay awhile *wink*
    : ) Sue

  • Michael

    Toni…I’m VERY proud of you…a whole softball game??  Live??  Wow…almost fell off my desk chair and wore my coffee shocked!;)
    Glad to see you back writing…I love reading what you have to say…makes my day!
    Take care

  • Unknown

    Yesterday it was HOT HOT HOT all over the USA.  They said so on
    Regis & Kelly, ya know?  (My daily dish of the goings-on in
    the world.) – – – well The View, too. 

  • Sue

    One more day of the heat girl!  upper 80’s this weekend!  Yeehaw!  We’ll be wearing sweatshirts. 
    You have been enjoying your summer!  that is a good thing.  With regard to my Amish name, well, hubby is not named Dweeb for nothin’.  He’s a dork.  I told him Rebekah would be much more appropriate, but he continued with Muriel which just sounds like a gray haired old lady in a duster to me.  oh well.  we had a little fun in between the whining and cursing.
    Have a great weeken girl!
    : ) Sue

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