Homesick–or Am I?

   There’s something about listening to an old-school hip-hop song that makes me want to roll down my car window, flop my arm out onto the side of the car, bob my head and cruise through town at about 10 miles an hour.
   And there’s something about me really doing all of those things down our Mayberry Main Street that makes Cheyenne want to hide her face in her hands and slide down in her seat about as far as she can without actually sitting on the floorboard.
   Yeah, there’s a word for people like me–actually, there are several words–and I welcome the descriptions. I know I’m a lame soccer-mommyish-white-girl-wannabe-cool person. I know it. And I’m okay with it.
   I caught Will Smith’s (A.K.A. The Fresh Prince) "Summertime" on the radio today as we were driving back from "the city" in 110 degree weather, and I have to say–as hot and miserable as I felt at that particular moment, when that song came on, I cooled off and sat back and remembered all those good times I used to have back in Philly, at the barbeques and the reunions, chillin in the car I spent all day waxin’…
   Oh, wait. That never really happened to me. Nevertheless, the song gave me a renewed appreciation for the mellowness of this lovely season. Summer has been my favorite time of year for as long as I can remember. That could just be the Pensacolian in me talking, but looking back, I’ve always had good summers. No matter how bad the rest of the year had gone, those 3 hot months could be counted on to be phenomenally wonderful. Plus, I always got really good summer action.
   My best summer memories definitely took place in back home in Florida. All I can think of right now is driving over the bridge to Pensacola Beach, looking out at the sunset and the shimmering ocean…the sugar sand…
   "Relaxing" does not even begin to describe a day spent down on the end of the beach with Cheyenne and Caleb and that water–pure aquamarine from a distance, but clear right up close. I loved looking down and being able to see my feet under the waves.
   The best feeling in the world…being in love and going on a date out on the beach. God, I miss being there with Caleb–night or day, if it was summertime, it was the place to be. It got crowded, and that could be fun, but if you could slip away to a quiet spot, it was 10 times better. I never really minded the sand in my clothes, or my hair. And I actually miss having sand in my car–after living in Oklahoma for the last year and a half, the sand is all gone. Even the sand that I thought would permanently be in my trunk–gone, vacuumed up.
   We have a different kind of summer here. I used to worry that some of the "magic" would be lost–no ocean, no sunsets on the beach, no Bamboo Willie’s High Octanes…or Flounder’s Diesel Fuels…
   No more freedom, no more starry nights in the sand. Kids and jobs rule our lives now–and sleep takes over where those two leave off.
   But there’s most definitely magic–a different kind, but it’s still there. Maybe it’s grown-up, maybe it’s Oklahoma–when we’re on our back porch at sundown, grilling, looking out at the hills and the fields, watching the dogs chase each other around the yard and listening to the kids shriek in the pool over the radio…Caleb will get this look in his eye and smile like he can’t help it. And it’s the same look and the same smile as it’s always been.
   We’ll settle down after the kids are in bed, out back in these collapsible canvas chairs that I swear are about to fall apart, and the sky is so huge and sparkly that you can’t help but look up, and just stay looking up. The sky is our beach now. The stars, and the moon–it lights everything up, just like during the day. Caleb and I will hold hands and talk for an hour or so and say to each other as we head inside for the night, "Wow. I’ve just never seen anything like this–you won’t find it back home for sure. Can you believe all these stars? This sky? Aren’t we lucky?"
   I’m making a vow to start loving summer again despite the heat–maybe you guys can help me out with some of your favorite summer memories–write them down for me, and enjoy the weekend! ~Toni

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14 responses to “Homesick–or Am I?

  • Tiffany

    Toni, I am a lame-soccermommyish-white-girl-wannabe-cool-person too.  I was incredibly homesick when we lived in Virginia.  I never want to move away from Pensacola, and as hot as it is I LOVE SUMMER.  It is perfectly healthy to miss home.  The important part is that you do still have magic in Oklahoma.  It is not always your surroundings, but the wonderful people that define whether things are great in our lives.
    ttyl, tif
    throwing some hugs

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Oh Toni, I love summer myself…….even though the heat these days is a bit much.  My favorite memories of summer is going to the beach everyday – swimming, playing games on the sand, eating sea grapes and almonds (there were lots of almond trees on the beach).  Summertime also meant mango season – climbing trees and eating mangoes with the mango juice run down my chin and onto my t-shirt (smile).
    Enjoy the weekend.

  • Alicia

    Fav summer memories….
    Swimming and jumping off the rope swing
    Staying up all night doing silly things
    Being single and driving around "trolling"
    Those hot ngihts with Rusty before Laine came along
    Thanks for reminding me about all this, Toni!!
    HUGS!!  :)

  • barnyardmama

    Yes, Will Smith really summed up summertime perfectly in that song–spending all day getting ready to drive around and do nothing!
    Best summer memory?  I’ll have to think about that one.

  • Darcy

    HI Hunny!
    so sorry I’ve not been by lately… Don’t envy you the heat… I’m going to a parteeeee tomorrow in 101 degree heat with a bunch of seniors… man, I should have brushed up on my first aid!
    Glad you’re enjoying the summer agiain!
    And may I suggest a new bike seat?

  • K

    My very best summer time memories was laying a tarp on the gournd, jumping into our sleeping bags and sleeping under the stars!  Sounds silly but in Kelowna BC – which is Canada’s California and desert – you can do that… you have to put on a jogging suit because the temperature drops trumendously at night!  But we would watch the gazillion stars and constallations, meteor showers, northern lights – giggling like mad… at this all when I was 18 yrs old.  It was awesome.
    Other summer memories that I love: in the 80’s – I was in grade 5 & 6 – living in a suburb of Montreal, Quebec – spending 10 hrs a day at the public pool – hanging with the cool kids who had their ghetto blaster out blarring Prince, Corey Hart, Nina Cherry, Michael Jackson etc… it was a great time.  Anything to be away from the house and from my step-mother was a good thing.
    What I still love about the summer time is – the long hours… waking up to the sun, leaving work and it’s still sunny – instead of waking up & going to work in the dark… leaving work in the dark.  I also usually indulge in my guilty summertime pleasure – popsciles!  Although – tragedy – I haven’t had one yet!  I love the green ones and they are the hardest ones to find!  I’m a popsicle snob!
    There isn’t anything like the summer… but I do have to admit… I love having the four seasons… life simply isn’t the same without Winter.
    Ciao bella & have a great weekend!

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…I’m with Tiffany…not where you are but who you are with that makes the moment(s)…
    Fav. summer memories…will have to think on that and write later…
    Don’t melt away…

  • Nooner™

    I have many favorite summer memories. I have many favorite memories period. I just enjoy thinking of wonderful past experiences. But, if I had to mention a summer memory, it would involve the shore. I grew up near the Atlantic. So, I spent many a summer day and evening by the ocean. Earliest memories were as a young teen at Summer Dances in a dance hall a block from the ocean. Listening to rock music and dancing away in shorts and a Tee and a dark suntan. Later years were doing something very romantic. One time was walking a mile or two in the dark of night hand in hand at waters edge with our eyes closed. The only thing that kept us walkiing ahead was the feel of the water hitting our feet as we walked in the surf and wet sand of water’s edge. Holding our eyes shut tight to feel the romance of walking hand in hand with only our hands of the other one .. and the feel of the surf at our feet .. as our guide to continue to walk ahead without fear of walking into something.

  • Kadrin

    Yup Will Smith is some good cruisin tunes : )I like "Getting jiggy with it" lol, I crack up my niece and nephew with that song, hope yer weekend is going well, Kat

  • barnyardmama

    hey–those pics  of the girls swimming are too too cute.  Has Cheyenne left yet?

  • Tiffany

    Thanks for the Birthday comment and the compliment of my weight loss.  It has been a struggle, but I am working on it daily.  Have a great day.

  • Jewelbird

    Favorite memories from summer…setting off firecrackers on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Eating fried chicken and cornbread until it was coming out my ears, shucking corn and green beans for hours. Snuggling up with my Mammaw looking for Waldo for hours in those darn Where’s Waldo books. Ahh, those were the days. Before we even knew what an internet was!

  • Jewelbird

    Hope you don’t mind. I am adding you to my fav blogs list for easy viewing. Thanks!

  • Karla

    I don’t think I could have made the move from Pensacola! I love love love the beach! Growing up, most years we spent a couple days each summer in either Pensacola or Destin! I miss it!!!!

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