Get That Guy a Klondike Bar

If you know me, you know I’m an extremely thrifty shopper and a total change hog. If I can’t pay for it with the chunk of change I found in the ash tray of my car, I’m not buying it. But I usually make out pretty good–I can find deals you wouldn’t believe. Caleb loves me for it. Cashiers hate me for it. Everytime I plunk down a ziplock bag full of quarters and dimes they look they’re about to burst into tears. Hey, not my problem.
   It’s not like we can’t afford the good stuff–it’s not like we’re so broke that I have to buy clothes with spare change. I just have a serious fascination with quarters…and clearances. Yesterday I bought my dream-shirt of the month–I had seen it back in April–navy blue with white polka-dots, short sleeves…so soft, so beautiful…originally priced at $22.00–unacceptable. I will pay no more than $6.99–in spare change, plus tax. I got it without a second thought. It is mine. I own the shirt now. It will never leave me, and I will love it forever, and I will love it even more that I paid so little for it. Dear shirt.
   Slipping off the deep end there for a minute. Sorry.
   My Cheyenne comes back TONIGHT. 6 days is entirely too long and I will never ever share my precious child again. I just won’t. I can’t wait to hear about her week. My ex took her to see my parents for one day–that went fantastic and Cheyenne didn’t want to leave. But I thought it was nice of the guy to give up one of his days for them.
   Tomorrow night I will be in the company of grown-ups, at a grown-up party drinking grown-up beverages and listening to grown-up music. OH WOW. I won’t know how to act! We got a friend of mine, Cheyenne’s best friend’s mom, to come over and babysit the girls and the dogs–she’s the only person up here with whom everyone in our house is familiar and comfortable with–the dogs love here, and Mia likes her, so she’s our best bet, and she’s really looking foward to it. When I called her to ask if she would do it, she said, “It’s about time you let me watch that baby!” I feel soooo happy–it’s tough to find someone you trust and your kids like to babysit…
   I dyed my hair a few nights ago, a nice strawberry blondish-brownish color, and Caleb is less than pleased with it. He noticed, yes, but his first comment was, “Why did you do that? We’re going to be seeing people this weekend!” Geez. What a sweetie–somebody get that guy a Klondike Bar.
   He made up for that miserable remark last night with a nice massage. Serves him right.
   Everyone have a great weekend!

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10 responses to “Get That Guy a Klondike Bar

  • miranda

    I saw a guy ealier this week with a shirt that said, in big letters, "WWJD" and under it, in smaller letters, "For a Klondike Bar". I laughed myself silly. Funny. No? Ok then…Have a good weekend!-Miranda

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…glad to see you stop by…perhaps it was you being included in the "hot girl" club that got your attention??;)  I was called "dude" and somewhat "nerdy" all in one week…lucky me! Is there such a thing as a nerdy dude??
    You have a great night out…I will toast to you tomorrow night…with an adult beverage…
    ps…glad to hear Cheyenne will be home safe and sound soooon! 

  • Darcy

    Wow… Caleb is sure smooth…..
    Glad your baby comes back tonight and you get to play with the adults tomorrow night….
    Sorry I haven’t visited more… :(
    Love ya!

  • barnyardmama

    I think a navy blue shirt can be worn with jeans as long as the jeans aren’t too dark.  Shoes?  The experts say brown or black are appropriate with navy. Navy would, of course, be a nice choice as well.  If you wanted to do something unexpected, you could go with red.
    I love a fashion question.

  • Laura

    I love that commercial… give that guy a Klondike Bar…
    So glad you get your baby back tonight! And good to hear that you have a party to look forward to… I wanna go to a party! I have the alcohol…

  • Nooner™

    HaHa, a fashion tip from KM .. I love it!
    Hey TonisThrifty, good to get here and catch up on whatyas been up to. Have fun at the grown up party tonight!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    I am happy that Cheyenne will be back soon.  Dang!  You must have missed her so much – I hope she had a good time and it was indeed nice of her dad to take her to grandparents for the day.  Bonus points for him (smile)!
    Enjoy the party tonight, and post a pic of your new hair color……if Caleb will allow you:)

  • barnyardmama

    How cute is Mia going to look in that dress?

  • Sue

    Careful, KM is going to come in the middle of the night and get your shirt.  She has thing for polka dots! 
    Guys have a way with words don’t they?  Gotta love em. 
    Love the dresses.  Usually, those kind of dresses are not so great.  I really like these.  Very nice. 
    : ) sue

  • Alicia

    Now WHY would you want to give him a treat when he made that comment??  I’d give him the toilet brush and banish him to the bathroom!!  What color WAS your hair??  Blonde?  How about some pics of the "new" you??
    HUGS!!!  :)

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