Yeah, I  our riding lawn mower. I don’t know if he was drunk or just stupid, but Caleb let me mow the lawn Sunday. The lawn. Blades running over the actual sod–not just the pitiful dirt part of the property, but the sod. IN THE FRONT YARD! And the truly wonderful part is that he never even noticed the lovely marks I made down by the street where I gleefully turned donuts for about 5 minutes on the thing…
   So much has been going on, besides me brushing up on my landscaping skills. Where to begin? I’ve been trying to stay away from them, but only a list will sufficently cover everything:
  • Mia–potty training…sort of. I won’t bore anyone with the usual details, but just know that it is breaking my heart to see my baby in panties…and that the kid loves her potty–she sits on it all the time, dragging it with her from room to room, reading books, watching videos. She literally treats it as her throne–demanding things as she sits upon it, barking orders such as, "Mommy–my doggie. Get it. Mia’s potty." or "Juice! Yogurt! I’m sitting!" I’m still waiting for her to actually pee in the thing.
  • Cheyenne–a great, big, clumsy ball of emotion lately. Took her on a bike ride yesterday, the first one since she’s been back, and my lean, green, cycling machine was replaced with an uncoordinated Gumby on wheels. Her legs go every which way, and her feet kept coming off the pedals. She was slow…so I gave her a little advice on how to get those gears working, and maybe a suggestion or two as far as keeping her knees aligned…after a few of those type comments, Cheyenne slammed on her brakes and yelled "Everything I do is WRONG to you today!" right before bursting into tears. Great…I can only think maybe she still is adjusting to being back home, needs to catch up on some sleep, drink a little less soda…because I sure don’t want to deal with the idea that this is the very beginning of a series of emotional turbulance in her upcoming teenage life.
  • Caleb–bought me the most kick-ass present yet this year: a $99.00 3-person swing from Lowe’s. It has a canopy and it folds down into a surprisingly comfy bed. We laid out for a few hours last night and just rocked back and forth watching the sky. God, it was so beautiful. It is honestly the best thing we’ve ever spent money on…besides my bike.
  • The party–went swimmingly. I did manage to drink a few tasty margaritas along with…a couple beers, all the while staying charming and innocent, carrying on engaging conversations with colorful car salesmen and their wives…I also stuffed about half a dozen yummy chocolate cookies while Caleb played volleyball in the pool with his clothes on. We had a lovely time, and the kids, and dogs, were extremely well taken care of. I will write about the interesting conversation my husband and I shared during the ride home on another entry.
  • The invitations–I would love nothing more than to tell my sister that coke has been spilled on a pile of the invitations, but something tells me that just wouldn’t be right…They’re fine. I’m done addressing the outside envelopes, and I’ll be moving on to the inside ones tomorrow. I don’t know if I plan on telling Jenny that; it’s sort of fun to see her sweat. And James–I’ve never seen that guy get worked up. I wonder if that would do it?
  • My space–What in the heck is going on around here? I guess I like the changes, but I never like adjusting. I don’t like to expend a lot of brain power, and trying to figure stuff out usually requires me to do just that. Still am not real active as far as reading, but you should see my tan.
  • My hair–Okay, people. It’s really not that different, and I’ll tell you why. About a month ago I got a wild hair (ha!) to bleach my mop–so I did it, in the comfort of my own bathroom, and that endeavor, however it turned out did have its rewards (Caleb seems to really enjoy me as a blonde) but I got tired of it…and I didn’t want to have to mess with the roots, so I got another wild hair to dye it back darker…which lasted for a week, but is steadily fading back out to blonde. Damn. Stupid hair. One day I’ll get it straightened out. I haven’t taken any pics of myself lately because my face is breaking out like a mo-fo. Seriously, it’s bad. And not just the regular, annoying little pimples. I’m talking painful, scabbing and bubbling and flaking things, ALL OVER MY MUG. So, no, no photographs please. Nobody think of me as a hypocrite–I’m still all about inner beauty and all that great jazz…but this is just horrifying. Don’t want to scare the kiddies.

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13 responses to “DANGER: TONI MOWING

  • Laura

    I am right there with you… not wanting to adjust to the new spaces. Ugh.
    And, I am jealous… I want a tan

  • Darcy

    Hmm… sounds like a good time being had by all.. totally jealous of the swing!  And I’m right here with ya on the breaking out thing… usually I have PERFECT skin when I’m working out alot, but not this time… Such a bummer!  But I’m sure you look just as beautiful as always!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Wow, you sound like you are really enjoying the summer.  How do you do it in this extreme heat?  All I want to do is stay inside and hide from the heat.  I go to the gym before 9am and then I don’t want to leave the house again (sigh).  It’s great that you are having lots of fun up there in OK………..that swing sounds very, very romantic!

  • Nooner™

    I went out of order and went right for the hair talk first .. I have seen glimpses in the past of a variety of Toni Do’s, that I just had to see what that was about .. lol. And, big deal about pimples and horrific facial things. You have a heart of gold and that’s what most of us see through your gorgeous eyes!

  • K

    I used to love riding my best friend lawn mower/tractor…. not sure why but I still do… I love mowing grass and yet can barely breath around freshly mowed lawn… LOL… I bet you had a blast… and enjoy while Caleb lets ya!  I’m envious!
    Sounds like you are having a busy and eventful summer… I hope it continues to be excitting for you.
    Ciao bella,

  • barnyardmama

    You have been busy!  Sounds like CHeyenne is coasting towards adolesence–good luck with that.  Mia and her throne?  I am loving that!  Get me juice!  I wonder if it would work at my house?
    Bummer about the skin.  My acne prescription? Rub your face with an ice cube. Then put on Clean and Clear for ten minutes at night.  Keep it on the whole time and wash it off.  Afterwards, moisturize as usual.   I got that from a book and I’ve seen it work miracles on my kid’s acne.

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…despite the hair and acne I’m sure you are still "HOT" just like the rest of us!!haha
    Poor Caleb is going to have to polish those damn mower tires now…

  • Cassie

    I was just floating through spaces, goin from one to another. Not sure exactly how I got here… a friend of a friend of a friend I think? LOL Anyway, enjoyed your space. I was born in Oklahoma and grew up there. Where are you? I am from Seminole, and also lived in OKC for a while.

  • Kadrin

    caught up here, liked yer letter to the goths : )
    So yer daughter is toilet bonding ? lol, Glad you enjoyed the party, hugs, Kat

  • Alicia

    WOW!!  You wrote so much my head is spinning.  With Cheyeene, could it be teenager hormones??  And as for your breakout…I can sympathize!  I’ve been thinking of trying Pro-Activ.  Have you heard of it??
    HUGS!!  :)

  • Sue

    Whew! I’m tired reading about what you’re doing.  Wow Cheyenne is there it sounds like. Lighten up on all the suggestions.  I remember with Blondie when I would suggest something to help her, I immediately was accused of thinking she was dumb, stupid, doing everything wrong, etc, etc, etc.  I just backed off and it helped…  a little.  hehe.  Jealous of the tan for sure and the riding lawn mower!  The riding lawn mower is the most fun with a huge yard.  You are a lucky gal.: )  Sue

  • Michael

    WOW I may get to post here…msn sucks!  I’m going to come to OK…get your riding mower and storm the offices of microsoft with it!
    I’m giving them to the end of the week and then I’m taking my blog elsewhere…microstupid space…
    There…I vented…I feel better

  • Tiffany

    A girl on the potty, and one quickly going into teenager.  You have your hands full. 
    Way to go Caleb..good presents always rock.
    I am glad the party went well, but don’t scare your sister about those invitations.  She is probably driving herself crazy with fifteen million different things.  =)
    You really should have shown us all the different changes in your hair.  I have not died mine in a very long time.  Too much upkeep. 
    Take a breath and do like Sherry says..take a relax day.  It might be good for you.
    OH!  If you get this whole space thing figured out let me know.  Right about the time I was figuring it all out to begin with….they changed it.  NOT FAIR!!!
    TTYL, tiffany

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