Did I Miss Something?

   The birthday party was great. Tons of presents–ridiculous amounts of presents. It’s good to be 2.
   The very next day we all came down with a little summer cold. Runny noses, sore throats. Shitty moods. We meant to take the visiting relatives somewhere fun, but it never happened. Unless you count dinner at Johnny Carino’s as fun, which I do, because I love to eat, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what they had in mind as far as entertainment…especially since my father-in-law paid for it all. I think they had a good time while they were here. They left Tuesday morning, right as I was taking Mia to her 2 year check-up–a nightmare. Everytime I take that kid to the doctor she’s got an ear infection that I didn’t know about. Sheesh.
   So Mia’s been downing some delicious antibiotics the past couple days. Cheyenne’s been stuck in bed with that awful nasty cold. Today was her first day of school and after overdosing on dimetap last night was feeling pretty fine this morning. Nothing could get her down. She had on "THE" outfit (head to toe hot pink), carrying her brand new polka-dotted backpack full of sweet brand-new school supplies (ah, the smell of a new notebook), and a sassy pink purse full of pocket tissue and cough drops. Can’t miss the first day of school. She was so excited. And she insisted on riding the bus–"WHAT? You mean you don’t want me to drive you?"  "No, mom. And I don’t want you to make me a lunch either. I want to buy lunch."
   Damn. My kiddo is getting so old so fast.
   And dear lord. I noticed the other day that the girl is in desperate need of a bra. When did that happen? Is it that time already? Was I that way? What the hell?
   Mia’s walking around the house saying, "Sissy-where are you? Sissy, are you at school? You’re a big girl. Mia’s a big girl, too. I’m going to school. Sissy, where are you?"
   It’s truly sad. Think we’ll head to the mall today.
   On the upside, I got out and rode the bike today ahead of schedule–7:30 to be exact. So that’s out of the way now.
   And, we finally got some rain. It dropped the temperature down to 96 degrees–whoa.
   Gotta go. Mia’s figured out how to unlock and open the backdoor. And she’s in a running mood.

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7 responses to “Did I Miss Something?

  • Darcy

    Hey girl…. Wow, kids start school EARLY down there… here they don’t start till after Labour Day… Enjoy your time with your little one while you’ve got her to yourself… she’ll become accustomed to Sissy being at school….
    Take care!

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…great b’day pics!  The princess looks thoroughly pleased with the cake and ice cream!

  • Michael

    Listen…."HOT GIRL"…I’ve been pretty patient with you women all summer…!;)  I don’t see any pics of this hotrod bike you got…!
    I will be posting pics soon…I bought Liz an early b’day present…digital camera…she loves taking pictures…I on the other hand think I look goofy in all pics so I hate them…

  • Laura

    I am loving the hot pink outfit… So cute. I remember my first bus ride and standing in line for lunch the first time… hell, it wasn’t that long ago! I, too was a VERY early bloomer… she will be a knockout, but will probably hate her body for the next… oh… three to five years :) I remember those days all too well :)

  • K

    Toni… OK first things first.. .loving the new picture.. hawt!  Looking healthy and good…
    It’s nice hearing from you and knowing all is well.. seems like it’s been an eventful summer for you… Mia is gorgeous!!!  They grow up so fast … my goodness… I look at my friends kids and already they are teens … some are off to college… it’s just going way to fast!  Changes in a blink of an eye…
    I can’t believe how soon the Southern US starts school… when does the school year end for them?  Surprises the heck out of me really… like Princess Darcy stated… the kids don’t start school here until after Labour Day… not a day before.
    Glad things are going well for you… hate those summer colds… right now it’s Allergy (hourray), summer colds and flu season… I’ll stick to the allergies for now…
    Ciao bella,

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, it’s been a while since I have been here and I see a lot has been going on.  Mia got a mountain of birthday presents and Cheyenne has breasts.  Are you holding up ok (laugh)?  The birthday pics are lovely and I could tell you all had a great time!  Sounds like it will be an interesting year at school for Cheyenne, too, so I cannot wait for the stories:)  The Fall semester starts on the 28th and I can definitely wait for that!

  • Nikki

    Sorry to hear that everyone is sick. :( I haven’t really been reading many blogs lately.  And, if you’ve been to mine recently you’ve noticed I haven’t written anything since July 22. Yeah…my life is boring.  It’s pointless to even try to pretend I’ve got things to write about.  Still need to have my vehicle fixed, still having major teeth issues, still needing to lose weight, still have a long to-do list…blah

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