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   My husband called me this morning and informed me that he would be calling it an early day–he’ll be heading home soon with a wicked bad sore throat and runny nose.
   I told him to hang up, call me back, and let me know that he was on his way home to take care of me. I feel so lousy. All I’ve been thinking about for the past 12 hours is him coming in the door and making me a nice bowl of soup before cuddling up with me under a fuzzy blanket on the couch. What the hell. Now we’re both sick, and the kids are coughing and hacking like madmen back in their bedrooms–Cheyenne’s so bad that she’s missing the 2nd day of school, although she did protest quite a bit this morning.
   So other than generally feeling miserable, we’re all fine.
   Cheyenne had a fabulous 1st day of school. They switch classes like high-schoolers–so young! But she enjoyed it and likes all her teachers, knows someone in every class. It’s all in one small hallway anyhow.
   I want to give a big, hearty CONGRATULATIONS to INKA, who just got engaged to that fine young lad she introduced us to this past May–he proposed at a Dave Matthews concert during one of their favorite songs–how sweet is that? We couldn’t be more happy for them.
   My friends Casey and Phil, and Casey and Phil, are both ready to pop with babies. I can only hope Caleb and I will be following in their footsteps sometime in the near future–I was allowed to go off that stupid bc pill last week–the suspected cause of my horrid acne problems, –and couldn’t be more excited about the possibility of adding to the family. We’ll have to see–lack of time and energy tend to have a negative effect on plans such as this.
   Speaking of my horrid acne problems, my face has cleared up tremendously thanks to a little something I like to call "best friend that works in a dermatology clinic." She sent me a bag full of magic and within 2 days I saw major improvement. So I guess I can throw away the mask I was planning to wear to my sister’s wedding.
   The other pills I’m on–the crazy pills–are still doing the trick, I think. I find myself grinding my teeth together so hard and noticing it only when my jaw starts to hurt. I also sense that I am going through what would normally be an outrageously rage-y stage, but thanks to the medicine, it is dulled down a bit. I still feel it–I can only describe it as someone screaming into a pillow–it’s there, but it’s not quite as loud. I guess anything is an improvement over that last wave of insanity.
   I’m going to go play some gameboy tetris and snooze on the swing for a while before Mia wakes up from her nap in a snotty mood. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • Nikki

    Congrats to your friends that got engaged. Love DMB.  Didn’t get engaged at one of their shows, but did pass out at one and almost pass out at another! Rock on for panic attacks & heat!

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