Wacky Wednesday

   Alright people. I’m all the way to 9964 page views. Let’s see if we can get it to the 10,000 mark by Friday so we can all have something to celebrate about this weekend.
   I’ve noticed something odd–I’m read when I don’t write, and when I write I’m not read. What’s up with that? I’ve made many more fishy observations this week:
  • The only man that makes me crazy yet keeps me sane…My husband. He’s been in Lake Tahoe this week on a business "convention"–and by convention I mean they golf and ride four-wheelers through the mountains and fish and gamble and drink and stay at swanky hotels…I’m wondering when my all-inclusive expenses paid mandatory "mommy convention" is going to take place. Can we go to Miami? Or New York City?…although I’m pretty sure in those cities I won’t get too far with my ziploc baggie full of nickels, dimes and quarters.
  • The sun has been shining through the pouring rain…all day. It’s so eerie–but it does produce one helluva gorgeous rainbow. Finally some rain! After 6 months of barely any…the dogs don’t know what to make of it. I hope and pray that they aren’t too afraid to go to the bathroom outside in the wet grass.
  • Funny how easily I got pregnant when I wasn’t even trying…the first two kids were surprises–I was even on the pill when Mia was put together–but now that we’re officially "trying", so much planning is required! Getting off the pill, taking vitamins, cutting back on alcohol and caffeine…not to mention the scheduling conflicts that arise (ha! arise!) when the ideal time is finally figured out. I thought making a baby would take a little less thought and a lot more action. It’s worked that way before.
  • My best friends don’t know me…Okay, I have this myspace, you see–I know, I know, I know! I did it to stay in touch with my friends! (Suuurrrre.) Anyway, I put this little quiz on it–"How well do you know me?" or some crap like that–and I’ll just say this. My very own sister couldn’t even remember that I played a kick-ass french horn in the 8th grade. Can you believe it? You know how Louie Armstrong was on the trumpet? That’s not how I played. You know how Rosanne Barr was when she sang the National Anthem? That’s a little more like it.

   And for the record, you so-called friends, my fondest wish is to name a kid "Marianne", and I’m still waiting for that pretty pink dress.


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7 responses to “Wacky Wednesday

  • Sue

    You are so freakin’ young, maybe you should stop trying so hard?  Baby sis tried and tried and couldn’t.  In vitro over and over and ended up with a 2 year old and 3 month old triplets moving back to Kansas from Michigan.  BINGO!  Pregnant.  Do you think they were trying?????  I don’t think so unless she really wanted a vacation in the asylum.  (she did miscarry unfortunately).  Anyway, sometimes, people try way too hard.  Just practice, practice, practice girl!   Maybe you should go to one of those conventions for some practice???  : ) Sue

  • Laura

    Ok, just read the poop in the tub post… too funny! ha ha… Kids say the darndest things… big belly… LMAO
    I hate hearing stories about people getting preggers on BC… those are HORROR stories for me. Same thing happened to my mom-in-law… but if it didn’t, BMac wouldn’t be around for me to love on :)
    Oh, and BTW… I got the job

  • Andrea

    There is not a Mommy Convention.  I wish there was.  I think it is strange how people who are supposed to know you don’t.  And you will have another baby just chill and don’t try so hard.  Maybe a Passion Party for you?  That might do the trick.  Just have a good time that usually works. 
        Do you think?  ;-)~

  • Sheryl-Ann

    I like all the advice you are getting on practicing. I bet you practice a whole lot (smile).  I think you are stressing too much about it – just chill and it will happen.  Maybe two days away with just you and Caleb might do the trick……uhhmmm, Lake Tahoe sounds nice:)  Hope your week is going well……..I still think about that bath tub entry and laugh.

  • barnyardmama

    Maybe you should direct your friends to this here blog spot–they might get to know you a little bit better.  I have a Myspace page, but I’m always forgetting to check the same thing.
    I know what you mean about the preganancy thing–I hate all the planning–kind of takes the fun out of things.  And when you realize how small the window actually is–I just want to give up and get another dog.
    Mommy convention?  HOw about my house?  I"ll take you out and we can go get pedicures.

  • Nikki

    No mommy convention, i’m sure. But, your ziploc of dimes, quarters and nickels is welcome at House o’Nikki. :)  I wish we lived closer together!! We could hang out and watch old VHS tapes of the BSC. hahah.  Maybe contact Jim Henson again and see what he’s up to? 
    You know I wish you guys nothing but luck & lots of love when it comes to TTC baby #3.  I’m sure it will happen when the time is right.  Maybe "trying" is causing you too much stress?
    As for your Myspace quiz, I think I did pretty damn good for only talking to you for years via snail mail!! lol 
    Chris will be home in less than a month!!! YAY!!!

  • Michael

    You can have the mommy/spacers convention at our wedding…I’m sure Liz will be ok with that…
    Practice….practice…practice…I like that technique…;)
    Ok…Liz is going to kill for this entry…

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