Babies on the Brain

   So. Lots of exciting updates for the friends and family circuit–but only one in particular that I can really remember right at this very moment. My friend Casey S. had her baby about 4 days ago! Early! 6 lbs, 11 oz., 16 hours of labor, 2 and a half hours of pushing…good times, good times. She sent me pictures of the little critter–and truly he is one of the most beautiful newborns I have ever seen. (Not like the big, stupid monkey babies my husband seems to encounter)–such tiny features, a head full of wavy blonde hair. I can’t wait to see him.
   More importantly, I can’t wait to see Casey as a mom. This lovely lady was the one waitress in the cafe that we worked at together who would do anything to NOT deal with the kids that came in. She would trade tables whenever a high chair was involved, and she rolled her eyes a the sound of a baby’s squeal. She never wanted children and didn’t understand why anyone else would either.
   But it was destiny that I would get knocked up right around the time her husband was trying to talk her into mommy-hood. I think she was close to caving when they visited me in the hospital. She told me that holding Mia and seeing her little silver newborn eyes sealed the deal for her–I’m not sure if that’s completely true, but either way–she and her husband set out to have their family and now, here we are, 2 years and one adorable little boy later. Congratulations to Casey, Phil, and baby Brandon. I’ll see you guys in October.
   On the home front, baby-wise, we’re obviously still fine-tuning our craft. Preparations are underway. Caleb and I (heatedly) discuss the matter of girls names often:
 ME: "I’ll let you name the next dog we get if you let me pick the girl’s name."
HIM: "Like hell. I’ll name the girl and the next dog."
  ME: "Oh, come on. I’m so over names like Mary and Lucy. I’ve got only cool names on my list."
HIM: "Yeah, right. Why the change of heart all the sudden?"
 ME: "Because I knew that it would be over your dead body before I was allowed to pick a name like that. So I came up all new ones."
HIM: "Like what?"
 ME: "Oh, like ‘Keely’ and ‘Chloe’ or perhaps ‘Brighton’."
HIM: "Those are horrible. I hate all of them."
 ME: "I have one more ace up my sleeve–how about ‘Laila’?"
HIM: "Blech."
 ME: "You’re impossible. I hate you. What stupid names are you thinking of?"
HIM: "Only boys’ names. We’re not having another girl."
 ME: "What about the family curse? No one in my family has boys. Ever."
HIM: "That’s crap…but for some reason I’m stuck on the name ‘Liz’."
 ME: " ‘Liz‘??? Are you kidding me? It’s so common! Why that name?"
HIM: "I don’t know. But it’s better than ‘Matilda’ or ‘Marianne’ or whatever kind of bullshit name you had in mind."
   I’m thinking that we should maybe become more skilled in the art of compromising before we get too good at conception. Have a great weekend everyone.

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7 responses to “Babies on the Brain

  • miranda

    I never thought about it before, but compromise and conception have a lot in common. It’s all about practice! So get practicing!I mean with the compromise part. Sheesh, what did you think I meant??I’m too tired to even try to be funny. Sorry. Have a great weekend yourself!

  • Darcy

    Toni~ To be a fly on the wall at your house… although it creeps people out when the flies on their walls are laughing hysterically…. Hmm… maybe you should just invite me over 😉
    Have a good long weeeknd!

  • Dennis and Liz

    Liz isn’t such a BAD name…. :)
    or just plain O’ Liz…….. There are lots of glitzy Liz’s….Claiborne for one….
    I am sure you guys will come up w/something you both like or a bet will be lost and one will win on the name game.
    Have a great labor day!!!!

  • Alicia

    I think that would be a good idea, Toni!!  LMAO!!
    HUGS!!  :)

  • Sue

    Ah heck, you never really know what their name will be until you see them.  One of the triplets was supposed to be Allison and when they looked at her, no way, she ended up Abigail.  LOL!  But you keep working on both of those concepts girl.: ) Sue

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Liz?  Mikey would love that as he is about to be married to a Liz (smile).  Have a lovely weekend.

  • InkaDinka

    This conversation you had with C makes me laugh….I can just hear it "for real"….I miss you guys!

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