Early Nesting?

   I did a bad, bad thing this weekend.
   No, not that.
   I painted over Mia’s mural. I painted her entire room pink.
   I had a partner in crime–my husband, Caleb, who yesterday was on a mission to build Mia a little window seat, which turned into a toddler bed, which turned into a real crafty-princess-y toddler bed, which gave me the idea to change up the room completely, which required a nice thick coat of pink paint, which kept us busy right up until 1:00 a.m. Mia absolutely loved the changes this morning–"Aw, it’s so cozy!" she proclaimed when we presented it to her.
   So, we’ve been busy this weekend. Next project–Cheyenne’s room.
   I don’t know why we’re all of the sudden going through a remodeling streak. Maybe we’re going through a pre-nesting nesting phase. Hey, it could happen.
   Caleb is extremely proud of the bed, and I must say, I’m proud of him for coming up with the idea and designing it, picking out colors and trim and putting it together–the basic shape took him no more than 30 minutes to build. The rest we’ve just sort of painted and added on through out the day as we thought of it. We’re having a great time.
   So, gone are the bright-colored fish. What to put up now? Princesses in castles? Bunnies and mice, Beatrix Potter-style? The possibilities are endless.
   Now if only I can convince Caleb to let me use the rest of the "strawberry mousse" paint for our bathroom.

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4 responses to “Early Nesting?

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Well, little girls always like pink so I am sure the changes are just adorable!  Now about the strawberry mousse in the master bath?  NO NO NO (hahahahaha)!!  Caleb would simply die:)

  • Darcy

    Pictures pictures pictures!  I LOVE the idea of a Princess bed… duh…. wanna see! :)D

  • miranda

    Aww, I miss my pink princess childhood room now….Those are two lucky girls you have there, with you and Caleb watching out for them. You guys and your craftyness…

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Toni! Now I am terrified to put Joaquin in his toddler bed! He already has problems staying in the crib! I think I’ll wait it out till he starts kindergarten. What do you think?
    :) Lizzie

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