Tales From the Sleep-Deprived House of Toni

   I read an article today about children and their wonderful sleeping habits. Imagine my "surprise" to see the headline reading "Toddlers and Preschoolers: Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse" over the section about kids Mia’s age. Great. No light at the end of the tunnel here.
   Switching from a crib to a toddler bed was a good idea–in theory. In reality, Mia’s constant getting up out of bed whenever she damn well pleases is just not working for me. I’m soooo tired. What happened to the angel baby who would smile contentedly when laid in the crib and drift off to dreamland on her own? Now I’m logging close to an hour a night just laying uncomfortably by the side of her fabulous princess bed while she fights sleep tooth and nail.
   And here’s the worst part: ever since she was born, Mia is comforted by twirling my hair. If the child has a fistful of my hair, she is quiet and calm and eventually lulled to sleep. Logic would tell us to get her a doll with lovely blonde hair as a substitute, but the truth is, we’re all afraid of dolls around here. Deathly afraid.
   Cheyenne in particular is so scared, we’ve had to force several beautiful porcelain dolls given to her by well-meaning relatives into hiding–in a box within a box tucked away in the corner of the attic. Although, my thought is if the dolls are in fact killer dolls, no rubber-maid prison will hold them.
   But I get off track.
   I’m tired.

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11 responses to “Tales From the Sleep-Deprived House of Toni

  • Sue

    You need to re-train and get some sleep girl!  LOL!  I do remember those strange bedtime habits.  My girls had similar ones.  Sue

  • Nikki

    Did I ever tell you the dream I had about one of my barbies attacking me? LOL Yeah, Sometimes dolls scare me too.  I’m sorry Mia isn’t staying in bed. I’m sure she’ll adjust soon!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hi Toni, that pic of Mia napping on the dog is priceless!  What a lovely photo!  I hope she starts feeling comfortable in her toddler bed soon because I cannot imagine an adult having to lie in that toddler bed:)  Hope your day is going well.

  • Karla

    Have I mentioned how freaking cute your kids are?!?! 

  • Alicia

    You are SOOO mean, Toni!!  How could you mention something as interesting as your WHOLE FAMILY BEING AFRAID OF DOLLS and then not tell uw WHY???  Enquiring minds want to know!  Well, at least MINE does!!  So come on, my sleep deprived friend…DISH!!!
    HUGS!!  :)

  • Andrea

    Good luck and I should know.  But maybe you just have to tell her to stay in her room when she wakes.  The boys got this pretty fast.  It is okay to wake up just stay in your room and let us sleep.  So when they woke me up I took them straight back no niceness or meanness just real quiet.  It took about a week but it soon stopped.  Good luck and wishing you the best..

  • Darcy

    Your killer dolls can hang out with what I refer to as Killer fake plants… they scare the hell out of me… I always think they’re going to extend a branch and wrap it around my throat… BOO!

  • barnyardmama

    My brother SWORE that his stuffed animals looked at him at night, so he only had one–a fish he won at the fair that had stickers for eyes.  He ripped those babies right off.

  • Kim

    Hey Toni!  I had some catching up to do here.  I just love Mia’s new bed, fit for a princess.  And you’re thinking ‘right, if she’d only sleep’.  LOL  I’m lucky my son doesn’t give me any problems but his sister sure did.  She hated going to bed.  She’s 12 now and still hates going to bed but she also hates waking up in the morning.  I can’t win :)
    Yes, you need another baby and quick.  Get working on that 😉

  • Vonnie

    I’ve really enjoyed peeking around your space here, and reading your blogs. You have a beautiful family! I love the picture of Mia sleeping on the dog… how cute is that?! Great job on the room by the way. Good luck with the name thing! Men. Huff!!  =D

  • Josh

    There’s a big difference between a sweet, soft doll made for babies and kids, and the porcelain ones made exclusively for old ladies who have learned the secret language that keeps those crafted demons inanimate and safely locked up in a curio. Every time I look at one of those things, I swear they lock eyes with me and mouth the words: "I know where you sleep".
    By the way…aberration, to me, is a departure from the normal way of thinking. Some definition may have negative connotations, but I see it as something more of a unique nature. If you want, I can change that description…I wrote it at a time you had some very honest posts about yourself. That takes a certain something to open up like that, and it’s not something you see every day.

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