I think I just blew my own mind…

   So  many things…I’d probably do myself well to blog daily and take things one at a time instead of letting events pile up one week at a time, thus forcing my brain to work overtime and have a blogging-burn-out.
   My friend Casey M. had her 2nd baby a few days ago, a boy! Evan…I love that name. They are back home now and happy and healthy and tired as all get out, I’m sure. Congratulations to her.
   My other friend, Casey S., is adjusting to her temporary life as a stay-at-home mommy. This is her first, so it’s a real eye-opener, I think. Poor thing is going absolutely crazy–and is still not so confident taking little Brandon out and about quite yet, what with the poopy-episode at the mall and everything. She’ll be an old pro after another month or so, I’m sure of it.
   My friend Nikki’s husband just got back from one of those countries that end in "stan" a few days ago. This was his…second? deployment, I think? So it’s good to know he’s home and safe and sound.
   And my friend Inka has set a wedding date for May of 2007. So that means 2 trips to Florida within one year. Sweet.
   Today Mia and I puked our brains out. Why, I’m sure I don’t know. It’s definitely not a morning sickness issue if we both did it, within a few hours of each other. Bad grapes, maybe? We’re feeling better this afternoon, but taking it easy anyway. Poor Caleb is just waiting, wondering, "Could I be next?" And I haven’t heard from the school nurse, so I’m assuming Cheyenne is okay.
   The season premiere of my favorite guilty pleasure came on last night–America’s Next Top Model. It’s like Cinderella meets Smackdown. How could you not love this show? Even as cheesy and rehearsed as Tyra Banks sounds sometimes. I really watch it for the drama queens and the cat fights, plus listening to the judges rip on the girls…but I’ll admit, I get a kick out of the clothes and make-up just as much as any other girl.
   The other day we were planting wild sunflowers that we ganked from the woods. We were down in our trench in the front of the yard, and it had just rained, making a nice roomy pond/mudhole…it was so tempting. And we all know how I am about making sloppy messes. It didn’t take me long to stop fighting the good fight and jump in that sweet, sweet mud. Mia and Cheyenne joined me as well, and we must’ve played for an hour or so, with Caleb on the sidelines, jealous, I’m sure, but never jumping in with us. Boy, we were nasty mofos when we finally climbed out of that ditch. Nasty, but happy beyond belief.
   Caleb took pictures of us–and here’s where things got ugly. I took a look at them the next day and I look like a pig, literally, a pig, in the mud. Have I really gained weight? Or have I just been kidding myself all this time? Either way, the pig-pics were a wake-up call. Diet time. Ha! We’ll see how that goes…

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4 responses to “I think I just blew my own mind…

  • Sue

    I’m so jealous about the mud hole!!!!!!!  HOW FUN!  I remember doing that with my kids.  I’d love to do it again!Don’t mention that four letter work d-i-e-t.  Just hearing that word I gain 10 pounds.We’d love to have you blog more often girl.Sue

  • Nikki

    Yeah, I’m sure you are a real pig.  I WISH I looked like you!
    This was actually his 3rd deployment. Kuwait, Saudi and this one (Krgystan…whatever…).  Plus a year in Korea.  I’m like an old pro at this stuff 😉

  • Sheryl-Ann

    A lot has been going on with you and your friends.  Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Josh

    Does Tyra Banks still go through the entire list of prizes EVERY episode? She has to be one of the worst hosts for any type of show…right up there with that Paradise Island/the Swan lady who spoke with a British accent only about half the time.

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