Thinking about…

To those who love me, here is your update:
  I have successfully done nothing the last several days.
  I’ve ignored the fact that we are in desperate need of food–I refuse to go to the grocery store. I just hate it.
  I went to Cheyenne’s school to help decorate for a party, but ended up just kind of standing around looking pretty.
  I have attempted to clean my house many times, but the dogs make it so it’s like it never happened.
  I’m actually on a new diet and exercise program–it’s called "Thinking About Getting Back in Shape and Eating Right." Step #1: Try canned tuna–see if you can handle eating it everyday. I felt like I was popping open a can of cat food. Enter Tabasco sauce.
  It’s cold, and windy. I hate cold and windy.
  We have company. The company is nice. I’m down with company. It gives me someone to talk to when it’s cold and windy.
  Cheyenne has succumbed to wearing a turtleneck under her slutty costume. Her friends do not approve; I wonder what they’re going trick-or-treating as.
  Mia will not set foot in a Halloween store, or in a Halloween section of any other store. It’s too scary. I hunted down Cheyenne’s old, and very cute, bumblebee costume from way back when, dragged it out of the attic, showed it to the kid…I really don’t think she’s going trick-or-treating as anything but her damn self. She hates Halloween.
  We planted a garden–finally. There are now flowers, pretty ones, in front of our house. Go us.
  Thanks to all the new and unusual people that have commented on my little blog. You make me smile…sometimes laugh hysterically.
  We’re headed off to some wildlife preserve down in Lawton, Oklahoma, to do some hiking and see some buffalo. It should be fun. I love you all and hope you have an excellent weekend.

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6 responses to “Thinking about…

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hi Toni, hope you have an awesome time this weekend!  That diet doesn’t sound very appetizing, but then again, which diet is?  I hope next week is better for you than the last.  Take care.

  • Ness

    I’m on the same diet (not the tuna just the thinking). I’ve been there.. Hope you had fun.

  • Kim

    Hey Toni!  I know how you feel.  LOL 
    Have a Happy Halloween!  Don’t worry about Mia, she’ll get in the swing of things next year, maybe.  Jacob is afraid of his own shadow and he’s 3 1/2.  LOL  I think it will be an early night for us :)

  • Tiffany

    Hey there!  We’ve got the crappy weather that you guys just had.  Can it not ever be somewhat warm on Halloween?  It was in the 70’s this weekend and it would of been great for trick-or-treating!  UGH!  I guess it’s that time of year when we know Summer won’t be here for another 6 months.  Hope you are having a better week!

  • Andrea

    I hope the weekend was good.  It never hurts to take some down time.  But at other times you just have to turn up the 80’s music and kick it into high gear weather you feel like it or not.  I hope you have a great time and watch those friends they may be trouble….

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hi Toni, just checking in on you and hoping that you are doing fine.  Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

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