Gotta Go Gotta Go Gotta Go Right Now

  Oh, wow. November 1st already? When did that happen?
  I’ve gotta go to the bathroom, so this entry might be cut short.
  We’ve had some company this past week–things have been busy.
  The Wildlife Refuge thing was AMAZING. I can’t wait to go back–there’s not enough time in one day to cover all there is to see and do. Everytime we turned around we saw cool animals. Cheyenne and Caleb were like mountain goats, boulder-hopping and rock-climbing…it was just so flippin’ splendid being outdoors on a beautiful day…
  And then the cold came. The bitter cold.
  Of course we would expect nothing less on Halloween, when our children are wanting to dress up in costumes often not well suited for the extreme cold weather. But we managed. Cheyenne went as a dead-cheerleader-thing, and Mia did indeed, at the last moment, put on her bumble bee costume. Caleb took the girls into town, and I stayed at the house and waited…and waited…and waited for trick-or-treaters. We did get 2 groups–for a total of 4 kids…eventually. Luckily, I didn’t waste money on candy and instead bought granola bars–that way I wouldn’t have to eat 3 full bags of Kit-Kats…it worked out well.
  Halloween’s not really my favorite holiday. I can’t get into it. Mia’s scared of it. And Cheyenne is, unfortunately, fast getting to the age where Halloween just gives girls an excuse to dress like whores. So, I’m really looking foward to Christmas…the one time out of the year where I get to go shopping, without the girl, for proper 10-year-old attire.
  Today it really hit me that Christmas is quite close, and I couldn’t be more excited. My husband rolls his eyes, but I just adore…what I really love is…I’m more than a little obsessed with…ornaments. Sparkly ones. Bright, colorful ones. Shiny ones. There is nothing on this earth, not even shoes (sorry Barnyardmama), that I go crazy for more than ornaments. I sweat…tears come to my eyes, seriously, when I walk through a stores Christmas section for the first time…my heart beats. I can’t think of anything more wonderful…okay, maybe a few certain pairs of shoes. Does anyone else have this addiction, this unnatural need for sparkly Christmas decorations?
  On the baby-making front…not so much. It’s an on-going process, only to be perfected over time…a lot of time. Perhaps we should try 2 bottles of wine and 1 Angelina Jolie movie. It worked about 3 years ago. Somehow I don’t think it will be quite that easy…sharing a bed with dogs and babies kind of throws a kink in our plans…ha! Kink! Get it? No? Oy…okay.
  Our digital camera quit working on us, so we’ve been going nuts with those handy disposable box cameras…so far we have filled up about 3, lost about 2, and have plans to take 1 to the store tomorrow to be developed. Heaven only knows what kind of pictures we’ll get back–whatever the roll turns out to be of, it’ll be posted for all to see…as soon as I get them all scanned in–you know, the old fashioned way. Fun stuff.
  I can’t hold it any longer. Hope you all had a great Halloween and an even better November 1st. Happy Birthday to Jan and my Oma…Love you guys.

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5 responses to “Gotta Go Gotta Go Gotta Go Right Now

  • Darcy

    It’s so funny that you should mention sparkly Christmas decorations… not a word of a lie, I’d buy them ALL!  I LOVE glitter and Christmas ornaments are the epitome of happy times!  We should go shopping together!  I’ll warn you tho, sometimes I can’t be stopped from getting the glitter on my hands and then wiping it on the hair or face of the person I’m with 😉

  • miranda

    I’m all about decorating for Christmas. It’s all my mom’s fault. We’re to the point that we have theme areas, and one big tree and a few more small ones throughout the house, each with a theme. For example, our big tree has been very elegant with white lights and a lot of crystal, this year we’re going to do a little Disney theme tree, a little Sharks hockey tree that’s decorated in teal, etc…We should start a "Sparkly Things Anonymous" program. Make lots of money….for more sparkly things!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hi Toni, another friend was telling me that trick-or-treating is not like it used to be before.  She said only two kids came to their door on Tuesday night.  Maybe the kids are just not into Halloween these days.
    Yeah, Christmas is quite close indeed and I still have not figured out where I will go.  I have so much work to do that I may suck it up and stay in Texas to get as much work done as I can.  I really want to graduate by next August (for the latest) so I must make some sacrifices.  If I go home to the Caribbean, I will waste about a month because the islands are not very conducive to studying:)  I love beautiful Christmas trees so you muct post some pics of your tree when you get it up.  Do you put it up right after Thanksgiving?
    Keep working on the baby-making thingy…….should be lots of fun:)

  • Andrea

    Hey What about Thanksgiving?  This is one of my favorites.  I hope you had fun and it will only get worse with the teen.  Are you sure you want more?  Good luck and thank you for the B-Day wishes…

  • Tiffany

    We didn’t have many kids come to our door on Halloween either.  I think it was just too cold out.  I decorate my house for EVERY holiday.  My husband thinks I’m crazy, but he really can’t say too much because his Mother does it.  You should see her house at Christmas… OH MY GOD… For one thing their house is huge… like 7,000 – 9,000 sq ft and she has decorations that fill every single room.  It takes her an entire week after Thanksgiving just to decorate.  NOW… I don’t go to that extreme, but I do like putting a few items out.  Thinking of it my Halloween stuff needs to be put away tonight!  Hope you are having a great week!

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