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  Before I go on, I’ll just say that I, myself, am buying THE BOOK for every punk kid I know for Christmas. It’s so very entertaining; me and Cheyenne will sit around for an hour, taking turns reading different and disgusting historical facts to each other…
  Good times, good times.
  This weekend Caleb is going out of town–to a wedding! Alas, we decided months ago that I’ll need to stay here with the three pesky dogs and make sure they don’t tear up the furniture or crap all over the carpet…what was that other thing? Oh, yeah. The kids. Gotta watch them, too. Flying everyone down is way too expensive, and I am NOT getting in that car for another 20 hour driving adventure.
So, it’s just me. And the girls. And the beasts. I’ve decided to make this weekend totally awesome by doing some early Christmas shopping; taking Cheyenne to malls she has never known…there’s rumored to be one in Oklahoma City that has CARS in the food court that you can sit in while you eat your Chick-fil-A waffle fries. In this alleged supermall, there’s also an indoor playground bigger than the Mia is used to going to; fun for the whole family. Now that’s quality time–the mall.
  Back to the subject of the wedding, a friend of ours, well sort of a buddy of Caleb’s from way back, is finally tying the knot–this guy is such a sweetie; he let our entire family stay at his house in Mississippi for 3 weeks while Hurricane Ivan hit and bit our town a few years back. I will never forget his kindness; Mia was only 1 month old, and I was lactating and hormonal. He wasn’t the list bit phased or skeeved out by my physical and emotional state–he made us all so comfortable. So congratulations to this man and his new wife.
  Speaking of weddings, my sister and her HUSBAND (!) did make it back from their sweet honeymoon in Switzerland and Italy. Haven’t gotten a chance to look through all the pictures, but the ones I saw were fabulous. I’m so glad they went, and that they went now; they’re young and free and they really enjoyed themselves. No worrying about the kiddies (or the dogs!) back home…being fit and fabulous enough to march themselves up, down, over, around…
  I want to one day be able to take Caleb on a trip. We’ve toyed with the idea of a cruise…you know, to Cozumel, the Bahamas…those type of places…but what we really want is Ecuador! The Galapagos! Chile! Peru! Other destination picks include but are not limited to:
  • Ireland. We both want to go here. Have checked out walking and biking tours through the countryside; know someone that has actually done that, and it sounds like the way to go.
  • Italy. I know they say things are never the same when you go back to a place, and I believe that, but still. How could such a wonderful place be anything but fun? I’d say here, I’d like to go to Assissi (entire town made of stones and bricks, home of St. Frances and his kajillion monks), Capri (specifically Anacapri–where I’d been camping many times as a young, obnoxious girl scout–and The Blue Grotto, which is, gosh, so beautiful), Vesuvius, Pompei (did I spell that right?) and Florence (This is the one city that we never made it to; and the one I think I probably would have enjoyed the most–all that ART!)
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • China

Hmmm…and I did read somewhere that everyone must, at some point in their lives, visit a 3rd World country. So I’ll pick one of those and add it to my list for a life-changing experience. If anyone out there has any insight as far as a vacation like that, I’d love to hear about it–have you ever been to a third world country, for vacation, church trip, etc? Where did you go? How did you get there? What was it like? And mostly, were you afraid? Curious.

Okay. Enough ramblings for today. Have a happy Wednesday people.


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4 responses to “Get the Book

  • miranda

    Never been to a 3rd World country, but I’ve been to Ireland and HIGHLY recommend it! I’ve been multiple times and it’s never lost it’s sparkle. I don’t think I’d write off returning to Italy. I mean, you’ve never been with your husband; that really changes things. I’ve returned to Ireland with my (now) husband (we actually got engaged there) and it was entirely different than when I was on my own. Good and bad. ; )

  • david

    hello from canada ..

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hi Toni, do the Caribbean islands count as Third World:)?  I would like to go to a lot of the places on your list and I plan to resume my travel adventures as soon as I have that PhD in hand next summer.  I have been to Kenya in East Africa, which would classify as a developing country (I think that’s the politically correct term).  I wasn’t scared at all, but there were a few things that I had to adjust to.  When I landed at the airport in Nairobi, there were tons of police with machine guns.  I was like, "hey hold up, what’s going on", but that is normal over there.  Remember I am from a teeny weeny island in the Caribbean.  I am not sure whether I got the full Third World experience because Toni, no matter how ‘poor’ these countries are, there are filthy rich people who enjoy the good things in life.  I stayed with my friend whose father was a doctor and had his own clinic.  Her mother had a high ranking position in the government as well.  We had servants (not politically correct to say) and a driver at our disposal.  It was like in the movies.  I had a blast…….going on a real life safari was my favorite part.  I plan to go back someday.  One place that is not on your list that I would like to go to is Alaska.  Take care and have a safe and fabulous weekend.

  • Leah

    hey, I found your blog through…somebody, maybe the MSN Spaces homepage…I just started a page so feel free to add me if you want! I’m the queen of third world country traveling…I wouldn’t *really* recommend it. I’ve spent lots of time in Haiti (and brought back two sisters from there) and lived in Taiwan for a summer and just got back from five months in China…I’ve posted some pics in my blog at the very bottom and I have tons more if you want to see the Great Wall, Beijing and..I think that’s all I’ve got up there. I saw Hong Kong while I was there. My family’s from Halifax, Nova Scotia so I’m a little biased about that. I’ve done Western Europe too, as well as Mexico (going again at Christmas) and Hawaii so ask away if you’ve got any questions!

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