I’ll Never Be Ready

   I’ve heard from a few people who are absolutely thrilled by cold weather–a first sign of winter. When I lived in Florida, I suppose a short cold snap might have excited me. Now that I know what it means, here in Oklahoma–3 to 4 months of freezing wind and rain and ice, no going outside, muddy dog prints all over the house–I’m not so sure I’m ready for winter. Granted in some states, winter is worse. I shouldn’t complain, but I’ll take a green Christmas anyday; give me a fake lighted palm tree and I’ll put ornaments all over it. I’m not ready for winter. Not at all.
   This Christmas will be particularly hard for us. Cheyenne will be hanging out in West Virginia with her father and his side of the family. I’ve made up my mind not to biatch about him, per say, but the whole situation kind of gets me down. If you’ve been reading me for a while you’ll know that I’m not too fond of sharing my child; I don’t like her to leave, at any time of the year, much less my most favorite holiday of all. I know she’ll have fun, she’ll get tons of Christmas loot, and she’ll get to visit with people she hasn’t seen in years…but MAN. It’s gonna be kind of quiet. And empty. Without her.
   One wonderful thing about this time of year is SHOPPING WITH PURPOSE. I’m a woman on a mission when I head to the mall; I just love getting presents for everybody, and wrapping them in pretty paper. Oh, yeah.
   Moving right along. Caleb left late this morning, pissed off and in a hurry. The boss is on the warpath, the job is stressing him out–I know that’s a lot of why he’s been a little tired and grouchy…but I can’t help but think I’m ticking him off in my own special way, too. I’m pretty good at that. And what’s the old saying? "If Caleb ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy." Okay, I know that’s not it exactly, but around here it is. Kind of glad he’s going out of town–maybe he’ll come back in a better frame of mind, and I’ll miss the brunt of his bad mood.
   Mia and I are holed up in the house at the moment. We’ve gotten our bath (yes, me included) and put on our warmest clothes, but I just can’t bring myself to go anywhere yet. It’s so flippin’ chilly! I’d rather just play blocks and watch "The Little Mermaid" over and over again.
      Okay well beyond complaining, I’m not very much inspired today so I’m out. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

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6 responses to “I’ll Never Be Ready

  • Nikki

    I just tried to call you chickiepoo! Where are you at?!?! Psh! I’ll try to call you again before the week is over.  I love cold weather, but do not like snow and ice.  Christmas just isn’t my thing either.   People think i’m odd because I decorate my tree in only purple and silver.   haha. I love snowmen and snowflakes though.  Random. 
    I don’t think i’ll be making it home for Thanksgiving. I’m super bummed about it.  The ticket I was planning on buying has gone up almost 200 bucks.  I just cannot justify spending that much on a ticket right now.  Hopefully after the holidays tickets will be cheaper.  
    Oh. I want to see pictures of Jenny’s wedding! DANG IT! lol 

  • miranda

    Can I tell you a secret? Shhh, don’t tell, but I’ve already wrapped most of my Christmas presents. I couldn’t wait. I was too excited. And the pretty shiny paper I picked out was just sitting there, taunting me. My husband thinks I’m nuts and puts his foot down at getting a tree before Thanksgiving. I mean, sheesh, what’s wrong with a little sparkle around here….**I live in Clifornia and wont touch the crappy winter subject with a 10 foot pole….

  • Leah

    OK, so we had two sub-70 degree days in a row and along with your blog, I might have gotten my longing for winter out of my system. :)

  • Johanna

    Toni-I was reading about your dislike of cold weather. I felt I had to comment…being latina, I feel like I can absolutly relate to your dislike..I can not handle the cold. Here is an example of how much I hate it and how grouchy I can get. Came home from a long weekend away and as soon as I walked into the house I KNEW something was terribley wrong. The furnace was not working. Long story short here I am with a long sleeve t, fleece sweatshirt, winter coat, jeans sitting in front of the wood stove (because yes I made him start a fire) and I over hear my husband say to his buddie the HVAC guy after two hours of waiting for him to get there,"Dude-you have GOT to fix this thing. My latin wife CAN NOT take the cold and I am not getting in trouble for this!"  Shortly there after the heat was on and I was all good. Heres to warm thoughts. Take care…at least you are not watching Lady & the Tramp over and over like at my house. Johanna

  • Michael

    Hey Toni…crappy winter weather….hmmm….let’s see…it’s raining like a sonofabitch here….a building collapsed dowtown Vancouver  from the wind and rain….it was under contruction one minute the next….history!  Christmas shopping already…??
    Take care….Mikey

  • miranda

    Ok, but we’re going to need to spend more than than December together to do Christmas right…I’m thinking at least November-January….and we can do it here in California so you’re not cold… really it’s a win-win : )(I totally had to edit my commit down; I had all of these ideas of super cool Christmas things around here we could do and then I was, like, "Oh yeah, she’s just kidding….")

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