They’re predicting snow–SNOW–for Thursday.
Now that I have that out of the way, I can give everyone an update on my favorite subject, the doll/mouse/treehouse. I’ve cut my hand up into a  meatburger, but finally, after almost 4 weeks, I’m done carving. Now all I have left is sanding, staining, gluing, nailing…and then there’s the matter of furniture. How in the world am I supposed to make that? And what would one expect a fairy/doll/mouse/possibly a frog or toad to use for furniture? Mia and I were out in the woods a few days ago gathering up acorn caps to use for teacups, but that’s all I got. Any suggestions?
I’ve…okay, WE’VE gotten the tree up. It’s pretty glorious. No really, it’s sweet. This year we’ve used white lights instead of the customary colored ones. I usually insist upon the pinks and yellows and blues and greens…but we’d spent enough money on decorations, we had white lights on hand…so up they went. I managed to fit every last shiny, shimmery ball I had, along with a ton of other unusual ornaments, onto the tree…
Oh, gosh, THE TREE. I forgot to say. As I mentioned before, we went to the tree farm Saturday. We rode, we drank, we were merry. We picked out the most humongous tree we could find–a 10 footer–and slapped that bad boy on the top of my little Alero like that’s where it was meant to be, and drove it back to our humble house, forgetting that our ceilings were only 10 feet tall…needless to say, we took a little off the top, and the bottom, of our precious tree. But it’s up, and beautiful. Again, I will take pictures. I have taken pictures, actually, and am in the process of getting them developed by the photogeniuses of a backwoods Wal-Mart Supercenter.
Christmas shopping is at 65-70% complete. The gifts I have not yet bought have been intensely thought over and are sure to be purchased within the next 2 weeks. So not to worry, friends. I love you all and would never forget about you.
Cards, now, they are another matter. I spent hours lying awake in bed last night Christmas-card scheming. I’ve decided that this year, I will buy a bulk package of white cardstock and make my own by way of CARVING (see gashes from the dollhouse) into a linoleum block the shape of an ornament and basically making a custom stamp, if you will…anxious to see how this will turn out.
And that’s that for now. Caleb has given Cheyenne and I the night off and we are headed to our favorite store, Michael’s, to buy crafts, crafts, and more crafts–for purely presently purposes, of course. You all have a great next few days. If I haven’t gotten around to reading and commenting on spacer’s spaces, I will soon. I do have a dollhouse to work on, you know.

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5 responses to “Flurries

  • miranda

    I don’t even know what I’d do if I woke up and noticed there was snow in my weekly weather forecast. Like, seriously, is there something you need to do? I’m thinking I’d call in sick and make some hot cocoa. Maybe make a snowman or something. Oh! Mine would totally be like the snowmen Calvin and Hobbs make. Ever see those? Hilarious.

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Yes Toni, some frigid weather is headed our way (sigh).  I mean it’s 80 degrees right now and it two days it’s going to be in the 20’s with a wintry mix.  Better stock up on some red wine and some extra snacks because I will be under my comforter for days at a time.
    I can’t wait to see photos of the dollhouse!  Good luck with your Christmas shopping and other activities.  Enjoy the week.

  • K

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the doll house… sounds like you are absolutely getting into the spirit of the holidays… damn.. I need to get me some spirit!!!  I tend to get into the spirits.. leaving me too drunk to enjoy the festivities… LOL… kidding
    Take care Toni!
    Ciao bella,

  • Nikki

    WOW! Snow! It just blows my mind that you guys got SNOW and it’s still in the upper 60’s/lower 70’s here. I want cold weather! WAH!!!! The mousehouse is SO freaking cute!! I want one!

  • Hilary

    I saw the mousehouse picture!  I love it!  It turned out so cute, what a crazy creative idea!  All that snow too!  We just had a little today, but I had to drive in it, and being from CA with no snow, it sucked!I loved your pictures, have a great weekend!

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