Hurried Thoughts

Only 17 shopping days left, people.
  Oh, Holy Crap. I still have to buy, wrap and MAIL most of the presents I’m giving. I was trying real hard not to get wrapped (ha! wrapped!) up in the craziness of this season, but it’s hard. It’s real hard. And I’m just one man.
  It’s not that I’ve gone nuts with spending…I’ve kept that part under control. I’m just starting to freak out that it’s almost the second week of December and I have yet to make cookies…elaborately decorated cookies. The ole frozen dough from the grocery store just won’t do; ever since I can remember, we’ve had these tasty sugar cookies made from scratch at Christmas time. I’d definitely label them as tradition, and the holidays wouldn’t seem complete without an entire night spent frosting them and sprinkling them, accidentally breaking them and eating them…good times, good times.
  Caleb’s dad will be arriving tomorrow bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for babysitting duty. Caleb and I have been invited to a Christmas party Saturday night. But that’s not the best part. Monday night is our anniversary, and for the first time in our history, Caleb…made…RESERVATIONS! Yep, that’s right. Now, personally, I don’t care if he made reservations to MacDonald’s. To me, it’s just the thought, the planning…but lucky for me we’re going to some restaurant, in downtown OKC, on the 22nd floor of some building, and…it’s revolving. Okay, so I hope I’m not coming off as tacky or bumpkin for being so excited about something like this, but I’m super stoked. I just can’t wait to spend some time with Caleb, alone. This is pretty major for me. Now I just have to see if I can come up with stuff other than child-raising to talk to him about.
  What else, what else? The mousehouse has come to a standstill. I know what I want to do to it, I just don’t know how to go about getting it done. Furniture–I dread getting out the carving tool again but it looks like the project is headed that way.
  I’ve been drinking heavily again…the coffee. Bigtime.
  Mia’s obsessed with Dora the Explorer. We held off as long as we could stand it, but she’s hooked after only one episode and a new set of Dora shoes. I tried. At least it’s not Teletubbies or anything.
  Cheyenne’s doing freakin’ fabulous at school, even in math. She’s getting so tall–I was amazed the other day when we stood shoulder to shoulder and compared our heights. She’s close–a little too close and sure to pass me up by this time next year.
  Caleb’s had a lot of changes go down in his company and he’s wound up working for a new boss. It freaked him out a little bit at first but I think he’s accepted it and will be able to adjust fine.
    So there’s the family update. I’ll be back another day to report on the party and the dinner…and the cookies.

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5 responses to “Hurried Thoughts

  • Tiffany

    Baylee LOVES Dora… I think that’s the only cartoon that she will sit the entire way through!  Hope you guys have an awesome Anniversary dinner.  At least Caleb made reservations!  Britt is never creative like that.  Look for things to change a little on my site…. writing more about the family since there will be no more updates of my friend Willba!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, calm down girly – you will have everything ready by the time santa comes down the chimney:)  There is one of those revolving restaurants in downtown Dallas as well.  I think almost every city has one.  I have been to the one in Dallas (at reunion Tower) and I also went to one in Ottawa, Canada as well.  Happy Anniversary and I hope you and Caleb have a fabulous time!

  • CJ

    Congratulations on your anniversary!  I popped over from KC’s space and thought I’d poke around a little.  Hope you don’t mind.  I’ve lived in Oklahoma since 1994 and have yet to visit bricktown even if it’s just a little over 2 hours from me.  The new Hubby is dying to take me there.  Hope you had a wonderful anniversary dinner.  Will you be posting about it afterward? 

  • CJ

    Hi Toni!  Altus….in the far southwest corner.  Not much happening down in this neck of the woods, we have to travel for anything big!  Thanks for returning my visit.  I’ll still be checking back to see how your dinner turned out 😉 I hope you guys have an awesome time!

  • Sandra

    just looking through comments from months ago & came across your url …pleased to catch up on you .Your children are so lovely..
    I see you are decorated for christmas too & you have the snow :-) your dogs look happy to be out in it ,my sons dogs hate wet ,wind and cold weather but they went out in the snow last winter ! just like children aren’t they !
    trust you enjoyed your anniversary meal ,sounds an amazing venue ,I’ll just have a look around now & then be going

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