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  What a last several days I’ve had. Let me begin by giving a big honkin’ THANK YOU to my father-in-law, for everything he’s done for us over this past week. Not only did was he our baby-sitting slave, he got me a kick-ass DREMEL for my further mousehouse creations.
  And I don’t mean one teensy hand held tool. I’m talking the whole enchilada, bits, pieces, attachments, a dremel-stocked carrying case…ANYTHING and everything a dollhouse maker could possibly want or need, plus a few things even Caleb can make use of.
  This Dremel is insane. It’s even got a magnifying glass with a little light, a wand attachment thingy that lets me work on really tiny details…sanders, carvers, cutters…I plan to have a lot of fun with it this week.
  Saturday night, as I mentioned, Caleb and I went out to eat with one of his dealers–it was nice. Very nice. Dinner was ridiculous–more food on one plate than an entire family could hope to eat in one night. After the restaurant, the group decided we were going to the club. The club. Us.
  Being a former barfly/club-goer (this is how I met my husband in the first place), the club shouldn’t seem like a big deal–but I was immediately nervous. What if I forgot how to dance? Am I dressed right? And man, 9:00–that’s pretty late. Shouldn’t we be getting home?
  We did indeed go and we had a good time. This place actually had bull riding–not the mechanical kind, either. Real live cowboys on real live bulls, every hour on the hour, kept us entertained until midnight. Caleb and I drank, but not too much, we danced, as best as we could…Caleb got what I for some reason feel is a compliment from one of our fellow party goers–"Caleb, your wife can dirty-fkin-dance!"
  Now that should make any husband proud.
  We had a marvelous night. I felt like a kid. We even stayed out until 1:30 a.m. Amazing for us.
  Onto the main event–Monday night–our anniversary. Oh my goodness. Let me say that I’m happy to go down the street to the 7-11 as long as Caleb and I have alone time together. That’s rare in itself. But my glorious husband went all the way last night–we went to Oklahoma City’s "The Nikz": a revolving restaurant that’s 20 stories high. The view was breathtaking. We got there right at sunset, not coincidentally the hour we were married. The wonderful thing about eating so early was that we had THE ENTIRE place to ourselves…at least for a while. It was just the…classiest, fanciest place I’ve ever been…the waiter had a black tie and offered us 8 different choices of bottled water.
  We decided to skip the $20 water and go straight for the champagne. After a toast and appetizers, Caleb suggested we walk around and take a look at all the different rooms. We dined on roast duck, and lamb, and apricots of all things. He suprised me with jewelry, he gazed lovingly at me all night long, and said things like "Nothing but the best for my wife," and "You deserve to feel like a princess tonight" and "I saw this bracelet and thought you might be able to make it look prettier."
  Not too shabby for Toni.
  I always knew my husband was capable of such a romantic evening, but never once expected it or needed it. We’ve always had fun no matter where we’ve gone together, but this was over the top. I felt like a total grown-up…and it wasn’t so bad.
  The jewelry alone–it’s not something you just find in any old store. It’s unique, it’s so…me. Caleb put a lot of thought into it.
  I am adding this anniversary date to my list of heavens for sure. Happy Anniversary Caleb, and I love you.

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8 responses to “Toni Likey

  • Tiffany

    I’m SO glad you got to go out and have some fun!  Romance… ahhhh… (sighs) because my husband doesn’t know what that word means often enough!  :)  hehehe  We have girls nights out somewhat frequently so I can keep my sanity!  Keep us posted on the mousehouse/dollhouse thing-a-ma-jig… it’s looking great so far!

  • Chantel

    Okay, your story almost brought tears to my eyes – what a wonderful anniversary gift!

  • Nikki

    First off, Happy Belated Anniversary! I’m so happy for you both! Second,  What an amazing night you and Caleb had!  Can’t wait to see a picture of your bracelet!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, wooohhhhooooooo!  Sounds like you and Caleb had quite a marvelous time.  And jewelery too…….what more could Toni want:)?  That was very sweet of Caleb, but you deserve it.  You are a wonderful wife and mother!  Belated Happy Anniversary!

  • Us

    You’re husband is such a romantic. I am so jealous. I am glad you had a wonderful anniversay. You totally deserved it.

  • nolanola

    hi, i came over from karla’s space. you kids are too cute! i have 3 small boys,, 6,3, and 1. yep all boys. i still really want a girl but who know. you christmas pictures are cute to.  come by and check out my space!

  • K

    I know I’m a few days late on this one.. but WOW… first.. Congrats and happy Anniversary to you and Caleb!!! 
    Your evening sounded like it came right out of a hollywood movie!!!
    How wonderfully romantic and beautiful!
    Congrats Toni!
    Ciao bella,

  • Hilary

    Oh, what a wonderful anniversary!  Good for Caleb!  I’m always surprised when my husband plans big elaborate romantic evenings, though I agree with you about the 7-11.  If I can just go to Jack in the Box late at night with my husband, I’m stoked.  Still, romance is nice!  Happy anniversary (oh and I didn’t know you were trying for another baby, good luck!)…

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