Preheating the Oven

  Oh man. I’m way behind.
  It didn’t really occur to me that we are in fact still trying to get pregnant, until I wandered over to KM’s Barnyard space and read that she is almost 3 months knocked up.
  We haven’t forgotten really, or given up; in fact, we’ve been getting busy way more often than normal lately…but I think that may have something to do with the "The Chinese Lunar Calendar" indicating December as our official boy-baby making month–and we all know how Caleb is dead-set on having a son.
  I myself couldn’t be happier with…another girl. Or a boy. I’m down for either one.
  While I won’t go on and on about our seemingly neverending quest for another child, I will dedicate this next list to expecting first-time mother KM.
  1. BabyLegs: A new discovery. Basically, they’re super-cute legwarmers for babies. They come in a trillion designs, and one size fits from infancy to…well, the company says 10 years old, but I’m thinking maybe 5 is where I’d draw the line. Mia can run around the house in her diaper/panties, and her legs stay incredibly warm. I put them under her clothes when it’s cold outside; that way, she’ll never have that "gap" babies get when their pants ride up…and they’re comfortable, too. She loves to wear them, and sleep in them…I find myself fighting not to order about 20 different pairs to match all her outfits. You can buy these at for about $12 a pop.
  2. Robeez: Stretchy leather booties. You can buy the actual Robeez brand (, but I’ve seen similar ones at Target. It’s recommended that babies don’t wear any shoe with hard sole until they’re 1 and a half or 2 years old…these are perfect. Mia wore hers everywhere, and we got so many compliments on them. They’re extremely durable, too, and like baby legs, they come in a ton of different designs.
  3. A travel crib: Out of all the baby products that we had for Mia, nothing was quite so used as her Graco travel crib. This thing could fold down, rather easily, into a fairly compact carrying bag, set up into a playpen/crib, or even as a bassinet. For the first 3 months of her life, Mia slept in it beside our bed. We took it on trips–very convienent–and it came in handy when we had Zero space in the apartment–because it wasn’t a full size crib. But it was plenty big enough. So, skip the bassinet, skip the playpen, and just get this bad boy.

  Well, I only made it to 3. That’s because there’s a buttload of great stuff I can think of, and I realized how much time it would actually take to list it all. So I’ll go in spurts. I’ll do another 3 in a few weeks or something. And who knows? At this rate maybe even I will be knocked up by then.


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7 responses to “Preheating the Oven

  • barnyardmama

    Is the portable crip like a "Pack and Play?"  I think that’s a MUST HAVE from everyone I"ve talked to.  Thanks for the tips!!  I love tips!!!

  • K

    Well I do hope that you and Caleb are blessed with another child… a boy… or girl.. just as long as she is healthy!
    Ciao bella,

  • david

         @                                      **                *                      *            *              ***                          *¤***                        *****0*     *                *                         *                     ***#*****                  0*******¤****0      *                             *             *         ****#**                    *#*********                           *                          *                 ******0*****#**            $****0*******¤******$       *                           *                     *****#*****   *              **¤*********0**                             *             *0****0****#*****0*       0*****#******¤*****0****0     *                                   *                 ****0*******0***     *        **0*******#******0**           *0******¤******¤******0*                *                 *   $******#*******0******#******$                 *                          ******                            ******                     ♥♥♥♥♥******♥♥♥♥♥                      *                              *               MERRY CHRISTMAS                 ♥♥♥♥♥******♥♥♥♥♥                     ♥  love david ♥

  • miranda

    There’s almost nothing more fun then looking at stuff for babies…

  • Tiffany

    I couldn’t agree more with the items you listed!  The Pack N’ Play is a MUST… we STILL use ours if we travel and need a bed for Baylee.  I’ve kept all of my baby stuff for when we have another one.  I’m talking 8 HUGE tubs of clothes that Baylee has outgrown are in my attic along with her bottles, baby toys, bibs, etc.  Watch… the next one we will have will be a boy and I will have to get all new stuff anyway!  :)  My husband is also dead set on having a boy…. ugh… why can’t they just be happy with what they get?  Just kidding!
    Hope everything is going well with you… good luck on getting pregnant!  Isn’t that just the greatest feeling in the world?  Well, after the morning sickness and fatigue go away!  hehehe

  • barnyardmama

    Muffin?  Seriously?  Muffin?  Could it be worse?

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, sweet of you to suggest these things for KM:)  I hope you and Caleb get some great news on that front soon…….it’s fun trying, isn’t it:)?

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