The Year of Toni

Because he is being forced to do this at work, Caleb has suggested that I, too, make a list of my 2007 goals. Not that I always listen to him, but it’s not a bad idea. So, just for me, I’m writing them down, in no real particular order.
  • Potty-train Mia.
  • Have Mia going to bed at a regular hour in her own room.
  • Treat my husband with more caring and respect.
  • Get involved with a mommy club or church group.
  • Make exercising regularly a top priority.
  • Get back some resemblance of an ass and legs.
  • Get back into running and stick with it. (These last 2 goals will obviously depend on whether or not I get knocked up soon.)
  • Keep a cleaner, more organized house.
  • Paint a major work of art.
  • Finish all projects I begin.
  • Continue to work on getting rid of our debt; specifically, paying off Caleb’s and my student loans.


  • Run a 5K
  • Pay off all debt (no, really, it can and will be done.)
  • Find a legit way to make money from home.
  • Take business classes.
  • Come up with a feasible, solid plan for the store I hope to someday start.
  • Learn to tap dance.
  • Go camping.
  • Take a real vacation with Caleb.
  • Have finished 5 major paintings.
  • Be smarter.
  • Be healthier.

Okay. Those are them. I guess my main focus these days is just trying to get my brain and body back to being smooth running machines again; both have basically turned to mush from staying at home these last 2 years. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; I’ve just gotten…comfortable…wandering around the house all day in my jammies, putting off til tomorrow what should’ve been done yesterday…Staying in a "toddler" frame of mine with not much outside adult influence. I’ve sort of let myself go a little, and by that I don’t mean I walk around in moo-moos eating frosting right out of a can and belching every 5 seconds. I mean I’ve been to lax; "I don’t feel like it right now" has become the consistent excuse for unfinished projects, put-off household chores. I put on make-up and dress nicely only when there’s somewhere for me to go. Those types of things. Ah, yes, well I’ve rambled enough. Those are my goals and come hell or high water I’m going to meet them.


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3 responses to “The Year of Toni

  • Darcy

    Hey girl!
    My apologies for not saying anything sooner… I come her and lurk all the time, but my commenting skills clearly need work in the last little while…
    Anyway, good job on the goals… three years ago I started writing goals for myself and it’s AMAZING how many of the things that I’ve always wanted to do have been accomplished, by the mere act of writing them down…
    Have a REALLY happy holiday honey!

  • Us

    I know I look younger than I am. I guess when I am older it will be nice. It sometimes bugs me now. Especially since I do not act my age and I look younger. People think I am still in college and cannot beleive I am married. I hope I still look young when I am 40. Of course with my luck, I will age really fast and look 50 when I am 40. I like your goals list. I was planning on doing a goals list as well. I was just waiting closer to new years. I do not do resolutions, but I make a list of things I would like to accomplish for the new year. Not that I always stick to it. Happy holidays!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    That is a great idea, Toni, and I think I will do the same thing and make a list of my goals.  I think it helps when we see them on paper instead of in our brain somewhere.  Thanks for sharing.

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