Hammed Out

  Day 17…or is it 18? Only 1 week of shopping left.
  Yes, well, that’s the rest of the world. We here at the household of Toni have already celebrated Christmas–as of Saturday night, all Cheyenne’s presents were ripped open, tried on and tried out. Ham was eaten. Ham is still being eaten. I’ve successfully stuffed myself with nothing but ham for the last 36 hours. I feel sick.
  As I keep mentioning, perhaps because I’m still trying to come to grips with it, Cheyenne will be leaving early Wednesday morning to spend the official holidays with her West Virginia side of the family. Everytime she leaves, I feel like someone ran over my puppy for a week. (If she’s even gone that long).
  We decided to have an early celebration–full of presents, and family, and obviously, ham–Cheyenne’s choice. She seemed pretty pleased with all her "loot" until I told her she couldn’t hang the million purses she has accumulated on the posts of her bed–too cluttery, too distracting. This demand did not sit well with her, and for the next hour or two I had a moody pre-teen sulking in a corner of the living room. Is this how it is to be from now on? That we can’t even enjoy the teeny little family Christmas that we have together? Will she act this way for my ex’s side of the family?
  I know I should feel priviledged that Caleb and I get to experience every mood swing, every hissy fit, every drama fest, Cheyenne has to offer.
  Actually, we are. So that’s all I really need to say about the matter.
  Cheyenne won’t be back until the first week of January–a full 2 weeks gone from us–and I know she’ll be taken care of, she’ll be polite…
  We’ll have my father-in-law here for extra company. And Mia–she’s at a fun age for Christmas. I’m already thinking of taking her to see "Charlotte’s Web" as a litte family treat, maybe to lift our spirits if we need it.
  The weather is not looking too cozy. Winter storm warnings for Tuesday and Wednesday…the sky is eerily yellow and clouded over right now.
  Mia wants to play and have hot chocolate. Everyone have a great day.

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2 responses to “Hammed Out

  • miranda

    I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner–finally! I’m dying to give everyone their presents, I literally have to bite my tongue from blurting out what they are getting.Take care, Toni.

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Yeah Toni, the weather has just taken a turn and I guess I have to say goodbye to the temps in the 70’s for a while (sigh).  It was good while it lasted, though.
    Glad Cheyenne had a great time opening all her loot.  I know you will miss her a lot but she will be fine…….absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  Plus, you get to celebrate all over again on Monday.  Woohhhhoooo!  Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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