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  One of the perks to having an early Christmas is being able to play with all the cool toys your kids get THAT MUCH LONGER. In my case, the designated toy of choice is "Designer’s World", a video game of sorts that plugs right into your TV. I’ve been itching to try it out ever since it appeared on Cheyenne’s wish list. I could barely contain myself when the time came to open it–I had to hold back and let Cheyenne give it the first go around. I’ve snuck plays in while she slaved away at school this week, and even more still while spending quality holiday time with her before she had to leave.
  The object of this game is to design clothes, enter fashion shows, be rated in stars by a panel of easy to very hard judges, and sell your designs to the world. I don’t know exactly where the game ends; it’s not a competition as it’s a one-player game. World domination? Perhaps. I’ve only made it to Chicago.
  We’ve even gotten Caleb to dabble after a few beers. It was actually pretty scary how cool his designs were.
  Cheyenne is still here today; I sent her off to school for the customary Christmas parties and movies. I get to see my baby one day longer than expected. I’m not complaining.
  Today I put a rug in the washing machine. I suppose it might have been a little oversized. Let’s just say Caleb is pretty peeved with me after having to mop up gallons of soapy water from the laundry room floor.
  That’s about all I got. We’re headed out for a little bite to eat and some evening shopping–I also managed to break our 3rd coffee pot in 6 months today by gently tapping it on the kitchen faucet. Who’d thought?

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